Shadowing in Europe’s best hospitals this summer.

Atlantis is the leader in clinical shadowing abroad, with thousands of alumni and over 200 hospital partners in Europe and around the globe. Students shadow 20+ hours per week, develop the AAMC Core Competencies, set themselves apart on their medical/PA school applications, and grow in their passion for medicine.

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Atlantis allows students to shadow abroad for 20+ hours each week in different departments. All hours are observation-only, following the ethical guidelines of the AAMC. Most programs range from 1-9 weeks and are comprised of 10-15 students.

Travel When It Fits Your Schedule

With all the commitments you have during the semester, have you found it difficult to fit in travel?

Outside of shadowing, Atlantis students enjoy weekly cultural excursions, group meals, and the opportunity to discover other countries with pre-health students from around the U.S.

Why Shadow Abroad?

1. Time

As a busy pre-health student, trying to coordinate a few shadowing hours here and there with local doctors is difficult and not always rewarding. Completing your shadowing hours during break is the most efficient option, and it allows you to focus on grades and test prep during the semester.

We manage all the logistics and scheduling with the doctors, so that you can focus on the experience itself.

2. Uniqueness on Your Application

Shadowing abroad fosters unique stories and reflections for your graduate school applications. 91% of Atlantis alumni now in medical school leveraged their experience in their applications – including personal statements, secondaries, and interviews.

Especially in a world post-COVID, students who completed shadowing in-person will be much better off.

3. Personal & Professional Growth

By going abroad and expanding your horizons, you develop core competencies like like Resilience & Adaptability. These skills are crucial for a career of excellence & service.

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Already have a vacation or internship in place during break? No problem. We offer plenty of start dates and program lengths to make sure we find the best fit for your schedule. Don't see your ideal dates on our site? Talk with an Admissions Coordinator to explore all of your options.

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