Shadow in Europe’s best hospitals this summer.

The Atlantis Clinical Shadowing program provides AAMC-compliant physician shadowing for pre-medical and pre-health students in an international hospital setting, over university winter and summer breaks in cities across Europe (and elsewhere).

Future Nurse?

Hospital Shadowing

Atlantis students are afforded the opportunity to experience global healthcare in a variety of specialties for at least 20 hours of AAMC-compliant shadowing each week. Most programs range from 1-9 weeks or more and are comprised of 10-15 students.

Travel Experiences

Outside of shadowing, students enjoy weekly cultural excursions, group meals, and the opportunity to discover a new country with other pre-med students from around the U.S.

Featured Destinations

Choose dates that work for your schedule

Already have a vacation or internship in place during break? No problem. We offer plenty of start dates and program lengths to make sure we find the best fit for your schedule. Don't see your ideal dates on our site? Talk with an Admissions Coordinator to explore all of your options.

Dates & Financing

Valuable, ethical shadowing hours

  • 60+ AAMC-compliant shadowing hours in top hospitals
  • Small groups of 10-15 students
  • Student to doctor ratio of 1:1 or 2:1
  • Observe various specializations

Internationally Trusted, Alumni-Approved

Our team is ready to guide you through every step.


Foreign language skills not required.