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Students standing outside the entrance to a hospital chatting.
Atlantis students standing outside the entrance to a hospital (Genoa, Italy, 2019).

Alumni Outcomes & 100+ Testimonials


Our Alumni Have Been Admitted to 40 of the Top 50 U.S. MD Programs

And to 16 of the top 20

And keep in mind MD programs only accept <150 students annually, on average

Not only do our alumni attend 40 of the top 50 U.S. MD programs, 20 (of these 40) U.S. MD programs are in the top 50 medical schools on the planet, which is home to 7.6 billion patients but only 2,600 medical schools (including the U.S.’s 155 MD + 37 DO medical schools). Even though few students attend them, what’s learned and researched in these top U.S. MD programs disproportionally affects all of humanity. It’s a good thing our alumni have a lot of energy, because there’s a lot to get done. Our hope is that our alumni will love their profession so much that they’ll never retire.

What You’ll See Below

In the below 100+ profiles with pictures, you’ll see at least one Atlantis alum in each of 40 of the top 50 U.S. MD programs, including 16 of the top 20, although there is a a wide range of schools below, and our alumni are now at even more schools than the below. For many alumni you can expand (click the lens) to read or watch something about Atlantis from that alum. Also, down further below, you’ll also find DO, PA, and other health tracks. After 100+ profiles with pictures, you can also read about 100 more text-only testimonials. When you see the below, keep in mind that Atlantis is designed to contribute to what Med/PA schools want, which is part of the reason it can impact applications and also impact interviews.

John Daines headshot.

John Daines

  • Atlantis '17
  • BYU '19
  • Washington U. in St. Louis MD '23
Zoey Petitt headshot.

Zoey Petitt

  • Atlantis '17
  • U. of Arizona '18
  • Duke MD '23
Elorm Yevudza headshot

Elorm Yevudza

  • Atlantis '16
  • Amherst '19
  • Columbia MD '24
Tiffany Hu headshot.

Tiffany Hu

  • Atlantis '16
  • UMD College Park '17
  • Michigan MPH '21 + MD '22
Nick Tucker headshot.

Nick Tucker

  • Atlantis '16
  • Notre Dame '17
  • Case Western MD '21
Yong hun Kim headshot.

Yong-hun Kim

  • Atlantis '17
  • Stanford '19
  • Mayo Clinic MD '24
Lauren Howser headshot.

Lauren Howser

  • Atlantis '16
  • IU Bloomington '18
  • Indiana MD '22
Saira Alex headshot.

Saira Alex

  • Atlantis '17
  • UTHealth MPH '22
  • Baylor MD '22
Neil Al-Saidi headshot.

Neil Al-Saidi

  • Atlantis '18
  • Michigan State U. '20
  • Central Michigan U. MD '24
Megan Branson headshot.

Megan Branson

  • Atlantis '18
  • U. of Montana '19
  • U. of Washington MD '24
Justine Blide headshot.

Justine Blide

  • Atlantis '18
  • San Diego State '18
  • UC Davis PA '23
Alexandra Roper headshot.

Alexandra Roper

  • Atlantis '17
  • IU Bloomington '16
  • Indiana MD '22
Briana Heinly headshot.

Briana Heinly

  • Atlantis '18
  • Susquehanna U. '20
  • Penn State MD '24
Synthia Lay headshot.

Synthia Lay

  • Atlantis '17
  • UCLA '17
  • USC MD '22
Sarah Emerick headshot.

Sarah Emerick

  • Atlantis '19
  • Eckerd College '20
  • IU MD '25
Kayla Riegler headshot.

Kayla Riegler

  • Atlantis '18
  • U. of Kentucky '20
  • U. of Kentucky '24
Huzeifa Gulamhusein headshot.

Huzeifa Gulamhusein

  • Atlantis '18
  • U. of Houston '18
  • U. of Texas MD '24​
Lauren Cox headshot.

Lauren Cox

  • Atlantis '18
  • Louisiana Tech '20
  • U. of Arkansas MD '24
Mallory Rickett headshot.

Mallory Rickett

  • Atlantis '19
  • U. of Oklahoma '21
  • Rosenberg School of Optometry OD '25
Snow Nwankwo headshot.

Snow Nwankwo

  • Atlantis '19
  • Catholic U. of America '21
  • Georgetown U. MD '26
Anagha Deshpande headshot.

Anagha Deshpande

  • Atlantis '18
  • ASU '20
  • Mayo Clinic MD '24
Gillian Kane headshot.

Gillian Kane

  • Atlantis '17
  • GWU '18
  • U. of Pittsburgh MD '24
Sarah Niehaus headshot.

Sarah Niehaus

  • Atlantis '17
  • Brown '19
  • Brown MD '24
Matthew Sparling headshot.

Matthew Sparling

  • Atlantis '18
  • U. of Michigan Ann Arbor '21
  • U. of Michigan MD '25
Lily McCarthy headshot.

Lily McCarthy

  • Atlantis '17
  • Yale '20
  • Mount Sinai MD '24
Margaret Downes headshot.

Margaret Downes

  • UVA '20
  • Mount Sinai MD '25
Adelina Lane headshot.

Adelina Lane

  • Atlantis '17
  • U. of Arizona '18
  • U. of Arizona MD '23
Emily Shores headshot.

Emily Shores

  • Atlantis '18
  • Clemson University '19
  • U. of South Carolina MD '24
John DeStefano headshot.

John DeStefano

  • The Citadel '20
  • MUSC MD '24
Kayla Eboreime headshot.

Kayla Eboreime

  • UT Austin '19
  • UTMB MD '23
Rebecca Early headshot.

Rebecca Early

  • Atlantis '17
  • U. of South Carolina '20
  • U. of South Carolina MD '24
Olivia Federico headshot.

Olivia Federico

  • U. of Kansas '21
  • U. of Kansas MD '25
William DeVries headshot.

William DeVries

  • Atlantis '17
  • U. of Kansas '19
  • U. of Kansas MD '24
Matthew Bagby headshot.

Matthew Bagby

  • Atlantis '19
  • Wake Forest U. '21
  • U. of Kansas MD '25
Haleigh Ferro headshot.

Haleigh Ferro

  • Atlantis '18
  • College of Charleston '20
  • Johns Hopkins MD '24
James Dugan headshot.

James Dugan

  • Atlantis '17
  • BYU '19
  • U. of Washington MD '23
Jagjeet Gill headshot.

Jagjeet Gill

  • Atlantis '19
  • Washington State '18
  • U. of Washington MD '24
Quinn Johnson headshot.

Quinn Johnson

  • Atlantis '17
  • Carleton College '19
  • Mayo Clinic MD '24
Kimberly Wang headshot.

Kimberly Wang

  • Atlantis '17
  • Johns Hopkins '17
  • Mayo Clinic MD '23
Mikhaila Layshock headshot.

Mikhaila Layshock

  • Atlantis '18
  • U. of Pittsburgh '20
  • U. of Pittsburgh MD '25
Erik Rabin headshot.

Erik Rabin

  • Atlantis '19
  • Northwestern University '20
  • Northwestern University MD '24
Isaiah Brown headshot.

Isaiah Brown

  • Atlantis '19
  • U. of Kentucky '19
  • U. of Chicago Pritzker School of Medicine '25
Rebecca Baron headshot.

Rebecca Baron

  • Atlantis '18
  • CUNY Macaulay Honors College '18
  • Mount Sinai MD '23
Connor Grant headshot.

Connor Grant

  • Atlantis '17
  • UC Davis '18
  • UC San Diego MD '22
Emily Mello headshot.

Emily Mello

  • Atlantis '17
  • BYU '19
  • Cornell University MD '24
Christina Ambrosino headshot.

Christina Ambrosino

  • Atlantis '17
  • Johns Hopkins '19
  • Johns Hopkins MD '24
Maria Vigil headshot.

Maria Vigil

  • Atlantis '17
  • Notre Dame '18
  • Baylor MD '22
Lauren Diercks headshot.

Lauren Diercks

  • Atlantis '19
  • U. of Kansas '20
  • UT Southwestern Medical Center '24
Isabelle Kiefaber headshot.

Isabelle Kiefaber

  • Atlantis '17
  • Cornell '19
  • UT Southwestern Medical Center '24
Lara LePore headshot.

Lara LePore

  • Atlantis '18
  • UMD '20
  • UMD MD '25
Emily Chu headshot.

Emily Chu

  • Atlantis '17
  • UConn '19
  • UConn MD '23
Milyard Assefa headshot.

Milyard Assefa

  • Atlantis '18
  • ECSU '19
  • UVA '25
Thomas Caldwell headshot.

Thomas Caldwell

  • Atlantis '17
  • Washington and Lee U. '18
  • UVA MD '22
Lauren Dunavant headshot.

Lauren Dunavant

  • Atlantis '17
  • UGA '18
  • UVA '22
Caleb Hood headshot.

Caleb Hood

  • Atlantis '18
  • Auburn University '19
  • UAB '24
Alison Cline headshot.

Alison Cline

  • Atlantis '17
  • JSU '18
  • UAB MD '23
Paxton Peacock headshot.

Paxton Peacock

  • Atlantis '18
  • Auburn University '20
  • UAB MD '24
Sivani Reddy headshot.

Sivani Reddy

  • Atlantis '17
  • UAB '17
  • UAB MD '21
Sabrina Fleege headshot.

Sabrina Fleege

  • Atlantis '18
  • Edgewood College '18
  • UW Madison '24
Allan Sosa-Ebert headshot.

Allan Sosa-Ebert

  • Atlantis '17
  • Johns Hopkins '18
  • BU MD '23
Michaela Carrier headshot.

Michaela Carrier

  • Atlantis '17
  • UMass Dartmouth '17
  • BU MD '22
Paola Ortega headshot.

Paola Ortega

  • Atlantis '18
  • BU '20
  • BU MD '25
Alayna Barela headshot.

Alayna Barela

  • Atlantis '17
  • BU '19
  • Brown MD '24
Kerry Farlie headshot.

Kerry Farlie

  • Atlantis '17
  • Princeton '19
  • UF MD '24
Holly Ryan headshot.

Holly Ryan

  • Atlantis '17
  • Oakland U. '17
  • UF MD '24
Katelyn Paulsen headshot.

Katelyn Paulsen

  • Atlantis '17
  • U. of Arizona '19
  • UI MD '24
Alison Cunningham headshot.

Alison Cunningham

  • Atlantis '18
  • Creighton U. '19
  • UI MD '23
Alina Mitchell headshot.

Alina Mitchell

  • Atlantis '18
  • UCLA '20
  • Albert Einstein MD '24
Athena Konicki headshot.

Athena Konicki

  • Atlantis '17
  • UCLA '18
  • Albert Einstein MD '22
Allison Gomez headshot.

Allison Gomez

  • Atlantis '17
  • UC Santa Barbara '19
  • UCSF MD '24
Cyrus Buckman headshot.

Cyrus Buckman

  • Atlantis '18
  • Earlham College '18
  • Stanford MD '24
Kaitlyn Julian headshot.

Kaitlyn Julian

  • Atlantis '18
  • NYU '20
  • UCSF MD '25
Justin Campbell headshot.

Justin Campbell

  • Atlantis '18
  • USU '18
  • U. of Utah MD '23
Brandon Wilde headshot.

Brandon Wilde

  • Atlantis '17
  • U. of Central Arkansas '17
  • U. of Utah MD '24
Leah Bode headshot.

Leah Bode

  • Atlantis '18
  • Notre Dame '21
  • IU MD '25
Beau Mansker headshot.

Beau Mansker

  • Atlantis '18
  • IU Bloomington '20
  • IU MD '25
Marissa Vander Missen headshot.

Marissa Vander Missen

  • Atlantis '18
  • Notre Dame '21
  • IU MD '25
Victoria Yagodinski headshot.

Victoria Yagodinski

  • Atlantis '17
  • Marian U. '18
  • Indiana MD '23
Grace Scharf headshot.

Grace Scharf

  • Atlantis '18
  • U. of Dayton '21
  • UC MD '25
Augusto Roca headshot.

Augusto Roca

  • Atlantis '17
  • Notre Dame '20
  • UC MD '24
Aastha Pokharel headshot.

Aastha Pokharel

  • Atlantis '19
  • UMass Amherst '19
  • UMass MD '25
Mateo Cardona Mejia headshot.

Mateo Cardona Mejia

  • Atlantis '19
  • U. of Miami '20
  • U. of Miami MD '24
Mary Van Schaick headshot.

Mary Van Schaick

  • Atlantis '17
  • Scripps College '19
  • MCW MD '23
Jordan Eisner headshot.

Jordan Eisner

  • Atlantis '18
  • UC Berkeley '19
  • UC Davis MD '24
Alexander Pai headshot.

Alexander Pai

  • Atlantis '19
  • UC Irvine '20
  • UC Irvine MD '24
Collin Chase headshot.

Collin Chase

  • Atlantis '17
  • U. of Miami '18
  • USF MD '24
Elizabeth Botto headshot.

Elizabeth Botto

  • Atlantis '17
  • U. of Rochester '18
  • USF MD '25
Jonathan Trout headshot.

Jonathan Trout

  • Atlantis '17
  • BYU '19
  • UTSA MD '24
Gaspar Pina Jr headshot.

Gaspar Pina Jr

  • Atlantis '18
  • UT Austin '21
  • UTHealth MD '25
Lauren Haley headshot.

Lauren Haley

  • Atlantis '17
  • UT Austin '20
  • UTHealth MD '24
Cendal Atkins headshot.

Cendal Atkins

  • Atlantis '18
  • Spelman '20
  • Tufts MD '24
Amira Ishag-Osman headshot.

Amira Ishag-Osman

  • Atlantis '18
  • UChicago '20
  • Tufts MD '25
Avi Patel headshot.

Avi Patel

  • Atlantis '17
  • UConn '19
  • Tufts MD '23
Benjamin Pradell headshot.

Benjamin Pradell

  • Atlantis '19
  • U. of Delaware '20
  • Thomas Jefferson MD '24
Alexa Tomlak headshot.

Alexa Tomlak

  • Atlantis '18
  • U. of Alabama '19
  • Thomas Jefferson MD '24
Clara Farrehi headshot.

Clara Farrehi

  • Atlantis '17
  • Haverford '20
  • Thomas Jefferson MD '24
Darius Pirestani headshot.

Darius Pirestani

  • UD '19
  • Thomas Jefferson MD '24
Molly Wallace headshot.

Molly Wallace

  • Atlantis '17
  • Northeastern '18
  • Thomas Jefferson MD '25
Nicholas Safian headshot.

Nicholas Safian

  • Atlantis '18
  • Princeton '17
  • Thomas Jefferson MD '22
Toni Madorsky headshot.

Toni Madorsky

  • Atlantis '19
  • Vanderbilt '19
  • UIC MD '25
Johnathan Beldin headshot.

Johnathan Beldin

  • Atlantis '17
  • Notre Dame '18
  • UIC MD '23
Nalin John headshot.

Nalin John

  • Atlantis '17
  • UIUC '18
  • UIC MD '22
Angeline Rivkin headshot.

Angeline Rivkin

  • Atlantis '17
  • UC San Diego '17
  • UIC MD '23
Amanda Kuhn headshot.

Amanda Kuhn

  • Atlantis '17
  • CMU '17
  • Georgetown U. MD '24
Kathryn Cavallo headshot.

Kathryn Cavallo

  • Atlantis '17
  • Columbia '18
  • GWU MD '22
Adam Loeser headshot.

Adam Loeser

  • Atlantis '17
  • UNC Chapel Hill '18
  • Temple University MD '24
Nancy Elise Venter headshot.

Nancy Elise Venter

  • Atlantis '17
  • Penn State '19
  • Temple University MD '23
Madison Fraser headshot.

Madison Fraser

  • Atlantis '18
  • Columbia '19
  • Zucker School of Medicine '23
Aleena Dar headshot.

Aleena Dar

  • Atlantis '18
  • Rutgers - Newark '20
  • Rutgers NJSM MD '24
Faizah Shareef headshot.

Faizah Shareef

  • Atlantis '16
  • UMiami '16
  • BU MD '21
Janine Baldino headshot.

Janine Baldino

  • Atlantis '16
  • NC State '15
  • UNC Chapel Hill MD '22
Selena Pasadyn headshot.

Selena Pasadyn

  • Atlantis ‘16
  • Harvard ‘16
  • Cleveland Clinic MD ‘21
Joe Jackson headshot.

Joe Jackson

  • Atlantis '15
  • Auburn U. '16
  • Baylor MD '20

Atlantis is an opportunity of a lifetime…The program helped catapult me to a full-tuition (and generous living stipend!) merit scholarship at the Cleveland Clinic Lerner College of Medicine where I currently attend and will graduate with an MD.

Students walking down a city street.
Atlantis students walking down a city street while exploring during a program excursion (Toledo, Spain, 2016).
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Alumni in PA, DO, Public Health, Dental, Nursing and Other Programs

Audrey Barkeloo-Carter headshot.

Audrey Barkeloo-Carter

  • Atlantis '19
  • U. of Tennessee '21
  • Lincoln Memorial DO '25
Megan Parod headshot.

Megan Parod

  • Atlantis '18
  • UIUC '19
  • Marian University DO '23
Jordyn Britton headshot.

Jordyn Britton

  • Atlantis '19
  • Howard U. '21
  • Johns Hopkins MPH '23
Kelsie Krahenbuhl headshot.

Kelsie Krahenbuhl

  • Atlantis '17
  • U. of Utah '15
  • U. of Charleston PA '21
Mihala Peltak headshot.

Michala Peltak

  • Atlantis '18
  • U. of New England '18
  • Tufts PAS '22
Marichelle Pita headshot.

Marichelle Pita

  • Atlantis '18
  • Lehman '15
Danielle Lehman headshot.

Danielle Lehman

  • Atlantis '17
  • U. of Delaware '19
  • Rowan SOM DO '24
Claudia Fernandez Perez headshot.

Claudia Fernandez Perez

  • Atlantis '19
  • UMiami '21
  • Johns Hopkins MHS '22
Brianna Hackbarth headshot.

Brianna Hackbarth

  • Atlantis '18
  • Texas A&M '19
  • Bethel U. PA '22
DeYante Prince headshot.

DeYante Prince

  • Atlantis '18
  • Morehouse '20
  • Boston University MPH '22
Niarah Russell headshot.

Niarah Russell

  • Atlantis '17
  • Spelman '20
  • Johns Hopkins MSN '22
Caroline Wells headshot.

Caroline Wells

  • Atlantis '18
  • Appalachian State University '19
  • Emory University PA '23
Jennifer Bachar headshot.

Jennifer Bachar

  • GSU '19
  • Emory University PA '21
Michaela Carrier headshot.

Michaela Carrier

  • Atlantis '17
  • UMass Dartmouth '17
  • BU MD '22
Kerry Farlie headshot.

Kerry Farlie

  • Atlantis '17
  • Princeton '19
  • UF MD '24
Matthew Tiberino headshot.

Matthew Tiberino

  • Atlantis '19
  • UMD '21
  • Columbia Dentistry '25
Radhika-Alicia Patel headshot.

Radhika-Alicia Patel

  • Atlantis '18
  • NYU '20
  • Columbia MPH '22
Nicole Piercy headshot.

Nicole Piercy

  • Atlantis '18
  • U. of Richmond '19
  • Rutgers MD '23
Madeleine Burkholder headshot.

Madeleine Burkholder

  • Atlantis '17
  • Taylor University '19
  • SLU MPH '22
Matthew Wittstein headshot.

Matthew Wittstein

  • Atlantis '17
  • U. of Delaware '19
  • UConn DMD
Michelle Kaminski headshot.

Michelle Kaminski

  • Atlantis '17
  • Gettysburg College '20
  • Columbia MPH '22
Lyndsey McLain headshot.

Lyndsey McLain

  • Atlantis '18
  • UNC Chapel Hill '19
  • UPenn '21
Rachel Perkins headshot.

Rachel Perkins

  • Atlantis '18
  • Furman University '21
  • Georgetown '23
Reena Patel headshot.

Reena Patel

  • Atlantis '17
  • UT Austin '19
  • UT Austin PA '23
Kiana Miyamoto headshot.

Kiana Miyamoto

  • Atlantis '17
  • UC San Diego '16
  • UC San Diego PhD
Kaizeen Badshah headshot.

Kaizeen Badshah

  • Atlantis '18
  • UIUC '19
  • Emory PA
Kathleen Bynon headshot.

Kathleen Bynon

  • Atlantis '17
  • Colgate '19
  • Columbia MPH '22
Esten Walker headshot.

Esten Walker

  • Atlantis '18
  • UNC Chapel Hill '19
  • Hofstra University PA '23
Lindsey Greenfield headshot.

Lindsey Greenfield

  • Atlantis '19
  • U. of Georgia '18
  • UT Austin '22
Scarlett Bergam headshot.

Scarlett Bergam

  • Atlantis '18
  • Brown '20
  • Brown MPH '21
A view of the interior of a building with arched windows.

360 Shadowing Gives Students an Edge

  • In a survey of Atlantis alumni who have been accepted to med/PA school…
    • 97% referenced Atlantis on their application AND the vast majority said Atlantis “strongly” or “very strongly” impacted their admittance.
    • 81% said Atlantis impacted their passion for medicine.
  • 93% of alumni progressed on the AAMC Core Competencies for Entering Medical Students (PhD-authored Outcomes Study, 2019)

Did You Know? More than 1 out of every 10 U.S. pre-health advisors has been to our programs.

I believe that highlighting the Atlantis experience significantly bolstered my candidacy and helped lead to numerous eventual [medical school] acceptances I was fortunate enough to receive. Whether it was juxtaposing different healthcare models, witnessing a captivating medical procedure, meeting an extraordinary physician, or being deeply moved by a patient’s heartwarming story, the extended clinical shadowing experience offered by Atlantis provides fantastic opportunities for prospective health students in a variety of interests. I am very glad to have had the chance to broaden my medical and cultural horizons with Atlantis before beginning medical school.

George BugarinovicAtlantis ’16, Johns Hopkins ’15, Harvard Medical School ’20

Written Testimonials Below: Read Almost 100 From Alumni and Others

In addition to the ones above (inside of several alumni profiles), there are almost 100 more written testimonials below. Read alumni, university administrator, and parent testimonials to get to know the program from all different perspectives. Also, we can connect you with one of our pre-health alumni, for either a video call, phone call, or just an email exchange.

A student eating ice cream.
An Atlantis student enjoying ice cream while exploring the city (Genoa, Italy, 2019).

Watch Video: 20+ Alumni Now in Med/PA School Explain: Atlantis Is a Major Reason I Got in Here

This video includes over 20 Alumni, using their own phones, talking on their own terms about Atlantis and why it helped to get them where they are now. Notice how med/PA school interviewers often asked these alumni about the uniqueness of their experience comparing healthcare systems, and notice how these alumni believe these conversations in interviews helped them get in to medical/PA schools.

Feel Free to Also Check Out Reviews About Atlantis on Independent Review Sites


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Go Abroad

185 Reviews

See How Atlantis Impacts The Interview

The medical school interview is one of the most important steps towards acceptance. Performance in interviews varies widely, and two candidates with equally strong applications on paper can perform very differently. Consider how Atlantis can help you in your interview.

Impact on the Nine Sections of the Actual Med School Application

Read about how Atlantis may contribute to most of the nine sections of the AMCAS application, with most of this impact also being applicable to other healthcare tracks.


Student Testimonials

Students with their hands up in the air.
Atlantis students by the sea in Genoa (Genoa, Italy, 2019).
An exterior view of a hospital.
An exterior view of the Hospital Universitari General de Catalunya in Barcelona, Spain (an Atlantis site).

I loved this fellowship! I am so grateful for this opportunity and for everyone that made it possible.


Cascais Atlantis '19

I was able to learn things not only about medicine but also about myself and the world we live in. I discovered the specific path of medical education I was to pursue and do not believe I would have done so without this program.


Budapest Atlantis ‘19

University of New Mexico

The experience I gained through Atlantis was truly incredible and I don’t believe I could have gotten it anywhere else. It was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be able to participate in the Atlantis program.


Toledo Atlantis '18

Cornell University

My Atlantis trip to Spain was the best trip I have ever been on. Between shadowing some of the kindest and wisest doctors I have ever met, to making new friends, to traveling the world on weekends, Atlantis gave me the trip of a lifetime.


Cuenca Atlantis '20

Lipscomb University

I believe that Atlantis has truly [proven] my dedication and determination to become a doctor, and I believe that it will definitely do the same for many others.


Vilnius Atlantis ‘19

Saint Elizabeth University

The experiences I got to have through Atlantis are like none other. For me, this trip solidified that I am on the right path and that becoming a medical professional is exactly what I want to do.


Trento Atlantis '19

University at Albany

It was the closest I could be to being a doctor/surgeon without being one. It is definitely an eye-opener and an experience every pre-med student should experience.

Amit S.

Lisbon Atlantis '19

Polytechnic State University

It gave me an experience that I will never forget! It confirmed my interest in the medical field and gave me a push in the right direction.


Vigo Atlantis '19

I would recommend this because it is a great experience if you are applying for medical school, but also to grow as a person. I made so many new friends and had so many amazing experiences that I will never forget.


Padua Atlantis '19

University of Mississippi

Every moment of my program was amazing! Getting the chance to shadow in my preferred specialty was so inspiring and motivated me to further strive to become a cardiothoracic surgeon.


Coimbra Atlantis '19

Marshall University

This is an amazing opportunity for those wanting to see which specialties they may be interested in. You will find out if that is the path to focus on or not.

Talavera de la Reina Atlantis '18

Loma Lima University

Atlantis has given me the opportunity to experience and obtain knowledge that I would not be able to gain in a regular classroom setting. The program also helped to remind me of my medical ambitions, regain confidence in myself, and focus on my pre-med journey.


Zagreb Atlantis '19

Mount Royal University

It was an incredible experience from start to finish. I learned tons and gained valuable experience in a hospital. Not just that, I made incredible friendships along the way.


Milan Atlantis '19

Moravian University

It was honestly one of the best experiences of my life. I was able to learn so much about the medical field from the hospital, and I was able to have an amazing time exploring Viana and making life-long friends.


Viana do Castelo Atlantis '19

University of Michigan - Ann Arbor

This was truly an unforgettable experience. I enjoyed every second in the hospital. This fellowship was that last push and motivation I needed to continue my career in the medical field.

Pontevedra Atlantis '19

University of Missouri Columbia

Atlantis was the perfect opportunity to meet like-minded, driven people who have become my lifelong friends. Atlantis also reminded me why I want to become a doctor and helped fuel my passion for medicine.


Bologna Atlantis '19

Wisconsin University

The Atlantis Fellowship has given me a broader perspective on the field of healthcare. The program has also brought wonderful people into my life.

Elorm Yevudza headshot.
Elorm Yevudza

Atlantis '16

Amherst College '19, Columbia MD '24

It was an amazing, eye-opening experience to get to learn about the medical profession in another country. It allows you to fully understand how different things could be and how other countries go about performing healthcare. You also get the chance to meet so many new and wonderful people that I will be forever grateful for. It is an experience of a lifetime.


Larissa Atlantis '19

Northwest Ohio University of Kentucky

Atlantis allowed me to step outside of my comfort zone and immerse myself in a culture that I would probably have never done if it wasn’t for this program. I learned so much about a different healthcare system and was able to confirm that medicine is what I want to do in the future. The program is a perfect mix of being able to explore a foreign country while also helping you to achieve your future goal of being a doctor.


Mantua Atlantis '19

University of Notre Dame

Participating in Atlantis was truly one of the best decisions I could have made for my career. I learned so much and got to observe procedures that would be nearly impossible to observe in the United States. Going on the program solidified my desire to go to medical school and gave me confidence in the direction of my career.


Thessaloniki Atlantis ‘19

Wright State University

My trip to Merida has changed my life. The opportunities provided by Atlantis are nearly unattainable elsewhere. The program has made me confident in myself and my future.


Mérida Atlantis '19

University of California Davis

It was the best shadowing and the best foreign experience I’ve ever had. A must for any pre-med student with travel fever or an interest in foreign medicine.


Madrid Atlantis '19

University of Colorado at Boulder

You will be able to immerse yourself into a culture you’re unfamiliar with… and feel like a local. Look at body language and nonverbal signs and tones in the patients you meet, rather than the words they’re speaking.


Trieste Atlantis '19

Rice University

Atlantis opened my eyes to how healthcare, education, families, and much more operate in other countries. The diversity of our group allowed me to make friends that live all over the country, and we all walked away from our 6 weeks with a newfound respect for medicine, as well as a better understanding of what we may want our future careers to look like.

Gabrielle G.

Rijeka Atlantis ‘19

UVA ‘25

I believe that highlighting the Atlantis experience significantly bolstered my candidacy and helped lead to numerous eventual [medical school] acceptances I was fortunate enough to receive.

George Bugarinovic headshot.
George Bugarinovic

Atlantis '16

Johns Hopkins '15, Harvard Medical School '20

I absolutely loved my experience. My site managers did an amazing job giving us a real authentic Italian experience and were also very helpful with any questions we had. My group overall was fantastic, and it really made the trip that much better. I am so happy to have been able to see a different kind of healthcare system and use what I’ve learned in the hospital in my future career in medicine.


Pavia Atlantis '19

Savannah State University

I loved it!! Would definitely recommend it to a friend. It is such a wonderful opportunity to be exposed to healthcare in another country. The doctors and medical staff are super friendly and love to be teaching you.


Teruel Atlantis '18

Bates College

I met amazing people and saw incredible things shadowing in the hospital. I am very thankful for this experience and would recommend it to everyone!


Barcelona Atlantis '19

University of Miami

This program is an intensive immersive program that allows young adults to tackle real-life projects. My peers were both mature and incredibly bright, and I enjoyed working with my team. I have learned not only how to think as a consultant, but to think as an individual.


London Beacon ‘20

Drexel University

Overall, it was an experience that will help anyone who wants to pursue a degree in medicine. This experience will be one that not only will help me with getting into medical school but will help me become a better doctor. It will give me more of an understanding of the medical systems for those who live in different countries and the different techniques that physicians use.


Genoa Atlantis '19

Texas Tech University

This program was the best thing I could have ever done. I was shown so many different specialties and feel I am so much more confident in going into medicine after this program.


Rome Atlantis '19

Hunter College CUNY

I had an incredible experience during my program. I learned so much about the daily routine of doctors in various specialties, while also building new relationships and getting perspective on a new culture.


Torun Atlantis ‘19

University of Connecticut

I loved Atlantis. It was the best experience of my life. I met so many people and doctors that strongly impacted my life. If I had a little doubt about being a doctor, Atlantis scooped that away. I am one hundred percent sure that I am going to be a doctor and I will work hard to achieve it.


Huesca Atlantis '18

University of Texas San Antonio

This program definitely fueled my motivation to become a doctor.


Valladolid Atlantis '19

College of the Canyons

Atlantis is a great way to immerse yourself in the medical field. Not only do you get to explore a new country, but learn more about healthcare itself. It was an amazing opportunity to compare healthcare firsthand. In addition, rotating specialties each week truly helps those who are unsure of which area of medicine they want to pursue.


Sibenik Atlantis ‘19

Eastern Michigan University

I would strongly recommend Atlantis to a friend… the trip was very well planned out, from excursions to our daily routine of going to the hospital. Also, I had the best experience at the hospital. I never would have expected to be able to see surgeries firsthand. All around, this program was amazing in every aspect.


Bergamo Atlantis '19

Wilfrid Laurier University

It was the best experience of my life. I remember standing in the OR and saying to myself “I don’t care how long it takes, how hard it will be or how much money it will cost. I’m going to become a doctor.” I have told all my friends that are pre-med that they need to do this. Not only did I have an amazing time in the hospital but I also made friends that will last a lifetime.


Athens Atlantis '19

University of Illinois Chicago

I would recommend Atlantis to a friend, as it offers you not only a different medical perspective but also cultural experiences that I don’t know where you can find anywhere else.


Klaipeda Atlantis ‘19

The Citadel

I would recommend Atlantis to a friend because I believe that it provided me with an awesome view into healthcare that you aren’t able to see in the U.S. I loved rotating within the different departments and seeing a variety of procedures and patient encounters. Our site manager was also amazing throughout the entire program. He was always available and wanted to ensure that we had the best possible experience during our time in Hungary.


Székesfehérvár Atlantis ‘19

UT Austin

Atlantis was an incredible experience. I was challenged to think about things that I had not thought of before about being a doctor. My love for my desired specialty was enhanced through Atlantis. I will always have a little bit of Spain with me wherever I go.


Ponferrada Atlantis '18

Furman University

Atlantis provided me with an amazing shadowing experience. I was able to experience international healthcare in the best way possible. I think every pre-med or healthcare student should take part in an Atlantis program as it provides an amazing cultural experience that will be helpful in their future careers. The excursion was an added bonus that gave our group a chance to get to know each other and bond before the shadowing began.

Rebecca B.

Patras Atlantis '20

Pennsylvania College of Health Sciences ‘18

It was an unbelievable experience in which I learned so much about myself, medicine, and the kind of doctor I want to be.


Ourense Atlantis '19

University of Wyoming

Atlantis was one of the best decisions I made as a pre-med student. I got to see medicine in action so close-up, and I never would have received that opportunity in the USA. I am truly thankful to Atlantis for helping me confirm that I am on the right path.


Zaragoza Atlantis '19

George Washington University

Atlantis is an opportunity of a lifetime…The program helped catapult me to a full-tuition (and generous living stipend!) merit scholarship at the Cleveland Clinic Lerner College of Medicine where I currently attend and will graduate with an MD.

Selena Pasadyn headshot.
Selena Pasadyn

Atlantis ‘16

Harvard ‘16, Cleveland Clinic MD ‘21

Atlantis is an incredible experience that everyone should be able to have. The shadowing showed me incredible cases that really piqued my interest and made me think deeper into the field of medicine.


Tarragona Atlantis '19

University of Georgia

It is a great opportunity to be part of a clinical environment and also engage in different cultures. Thank you for the unforgettable memory and life-changing experience.


Puertollano Atlantis '19

Cornell University

I have no doubt that I will forever remember this experience. Outside of the enriched clinical component, I learned a great deal about myself while immersed in a culture so different from the one I have grown accustomed to.


Calatayud Atlantis '19

Hope College

Overall it was an incredible experience to help me feel confident that I want to become a surgeon!


Villarrobledo Atlantis '18

Utah State University

I would recommend Atlantis to a friend because it broadens one’s view of how medicine is practiced. It also allows one to experience a different part of the world, which can change a person’s perspective of culture and people in general.


Belgrade Atlantis ‘19

MCPHS University

Shadowing the doctors in a hospital setting was a valuable experience and made me realize how much I want to be a doctor in the future.


Manresa Atlantis '19

Atlantis provided the richest pre-med experience I’ve had to date, and I’m so thankful to have had this opportunity. I would go back and do it 100 times over!


Turin Atlantis ‘19

Rice University

It was an amazing experience that was life-changing and has motivated me to work twice as harder to one day become a physician myself.


Alcazar de San Juan Atlantis '19

University of South Florida

It was an amazing experience. I learned so much from this program. It made me finalize my decision on if I want to be a doctor or not.


Almada Atlantis '18

Rochester Institute of Technology

Best fellowship opportunity ever, I couldn’t imagine missing out on this experience!


Albacete Atlantis '19

Drury University

I was blown away by the experience I had. I would recommend it to anyone who is on the fence about going to medical school or stopping.


Burgos Atlantis '18

University of Arizona

It was the best first-hand clinical observational experience that I don’t think could really be offered in the US. It was real life, in my face experience. I’ve shadowed and volunteered in Hospitals before but I’ve never been in an OR or seen surgery performed with my own eyes. It was a very unique experience.


Barbastro Atlantis '19

George Mason University

Any doubt about my drive to practice medicine has been diminished. I want more of my friends who are pursuing this career to experience what I’ve just accomplished.


Cáceres Atlantis '18

University of Georgia

It’s a truly wonderful and life-changing experience. You come out of the project with so much knowledge that you wouldn’t have imagined at the beginning.


Almansa Atlantis '17

Saint Martin's University

It’s a rare, once-in-a-lifetime experience. Truly an eye-opening opportunity that I can’t get anywhere else. This program makes me want to become a doctor even faster!


Ferrol Atlantis '19

University of La Verne

This experience changed my life and I want it to help others. I loved it and would do it again!


Mallorca Atlantis '18

University of the Sciences

It was an amazing experience that shaped my perspective of the world. The experience overall helped motivate me and made it clear that I wanted to study medicine.


Figueres Atlantis '19

It was an amazing experience that shaped my perspective of the world. The experience overall helped motivate me and made it clear that I wanted to study medicine.


Figueres Atlantis '19

Are You Pre-Health But Not Pre-Med?

See testimonials specifically from similar students.

Students getting a tour of the hospital where they are shadowing.
Atlantis students getting a tour of the hospital where they are shadowing (Genoa, Italy, 2019).
Students on a rock to view the city of Athens from above.
A view of Athens, Greece (an Atlantis site).

After Atlantis, I definitely know in my heart and mind that I want to enter the health field, specifically as a PA.

Alexis M.

Atlantis '20

University of Delaware '20 (PA)

I could have continued working as a nursing assistant for the entire summer but I chose to shadow with Atlantis and it allowed me to see a different side of medicine.

Caroline H.

Atlantis '19

Virginia Tech '20 (Nursing)

I could have continued working as a nursing assistant for the entire summer but I chose to shadow with Atlantis, and it allowed me to see a different side of medicine.

Caroline H.

Atlantis '19

Virginia Tech '20 (Nursing)

I shadowed a PA for 3-weeks in his office, [and] with Atlantis I definitely learned more and was exposed to opportunities that wouldn’t be a possibility in the U.S.

Catherine W.

Atlantis ‘19

Nova Southeastern ‘23 (PA)

I believe that the opportunity that Atlantis gives to students is such an incredible experience that not only allows for professional development within the career but also provides a global viewpoint on healthcare by immersion in a new culture.

Brittany B.

Atlantis '19

University of Oregon '20 (Nursing)

I think this will be very helpful for me in PA School interviews, and it gave me a new respect for my chosen profession.

Adelia B.

Atlantis ‘20

Lipscomb University ‘21 (PA)

This program combined the study abroad experience I wanted with the shadowing experience I needed.

Claire G.

Atlantis '19

LSU '20 (Pre-OT)

I would recommend Atlantis to a friend because it is a great balance for students who want to travel and also gain valuable shadowing experience in another country. I could have shadowed American doctors, studied, and seen friends etc. However, I wanted the cultural experience and I believe it is important for future physicians and nurses to fully understand that healthcare differs depending on the country.

Danielle Hurtado

Atlantis '20

University at Buffalo '22 (Nursing)

[Atlantis] gave me so much knowledge on how to interact with patients and what the day to day life working in healthcare looks like… doing Atlantis sets you apart from other applicants because it shows you are truly interested in learning medicine and are also well rounded, ready to take on adventure, and do well interacting with people that are different from you.

Erika G.

Atlantis ‘17

UNT Health Science Center ‘22 (PA)

The experience is amazing regardless if you’re Pre-med or not. The opportunity to see how a different culture’s healthcare system works is an amazing experience and incredibly beneficial.

Kaylee K.

Atlantis '19

University of Iowa '21 (Pre-PT)

I would have never been able to have such an amazing opportunity in America, the way I did in Italy…The Atlantis program taught me so many things that are helping towards my path in becoming a PA, and I know it can help other students as well.

Marietta M.

Atlantis ‘18

UNC-Charlotte ‘20 (PA)

I could have worked at a hospital in New Jersey to get patient contact hours for PA school, but I thought that the Atlantis program would set me apart from other PA school applicants because I would be able to bring such unique experiences to whatever graduate school I go to.

Marlayna Salvesen

Atlantis '20

University of Delaware '20 (PA)

I think that the program holds a lot of value for me in my future career as a nurse. It’s something that helps set me apart from other graduates and has enriched my undergraduate experience.

Theresa R.

Atlantis '18

Linfield College '19 (Nursing)

Faculty & Administrator Testimonials

A wing of a hospital with beds.
A wing of a hospital with beds in Genoa, Italy (an Atlantis site).
A view of a city street in Genoa.
A view of a city street in Genoa, Italy (an Atlantis site).

I visited Atlantis in June, and we traveled to three sites near Madrid, including Zaragoza and Toledo. I think my favorite from a tourist perspective was Toledo, and I also like the housing there for students. From a clinical perspective, I liked Zaragoza, as the doctors there were very accommodating, and it was large with lots of medical specialties. Madrid was also interesting, being a large capital city, and the central point for students when they arrive for their orientation, which was very well planned.

Bill Wingard headshot.
Bill Wingard

Lead Advisor, Career Services Center

UC San Diego

I could not have been more impressed with Atlantis, and their staff. I have never before witnessed host hospitals so excited to be working with pre-med students. The quality, combination of experiences, and intention of the program is so evident…Atlantis comes with my highest recommendation, and I look forward to a long working relationship and many student group trips in the future.

Brenna Dunlap headshot.
Brenna Dunlap

Healthcare Programs Director

Eastern Oregon University

After visiting a few of the sites, and speaking with students, administrators, and participating physicians, I’m very comfortable recommending Atlantis to our students. They are very aware of, and follow, ethical guidelines, which is important for any program our students may choose to go on. It’s a flexible, mutually beneficial way for students to get shadowing experience at the same time as learning about a healthcare system different from their own.

Christine Richmond headshot.
Christine Richmond

Academic Advisor, Pre-Health Advisor

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, University of Florida

I thoroughly enjoyed my trip to Spain […] the staff of Atlantis made sure that we saw sites, staff and students involved with the program. They made sure that we had ample opportunity to ask questions and to get honest answers. It was reassuring to see how well the experiences are organized, and details are attended to so that students can feel safe, comfortable and welcomed. The hospital site visits were quite helpful as well, and it was clear that students are placed in settings that provide valuable experiences.

Don Batisky headshot.
Don Batisky, MD

Executive Director, Pre-Health Mentoring Office

Emory University

As a faculty director, I accompanied 7 of our students to the Azores Islands January 2015. Atlantis was great to work with and was very professional. […] The hospital was small, so the students had the opportunity to work closely with the healthcare providers. […]. Overall, it was a great experience.

Don Lehman headshot.
Don Lehman, EdD.

Dept. Medical Laboratory Sciences, Health Profession Advisor, Center for Premedical and Health Professional Studies

University of Delaware

If students can afford it, I highly recommend this experience. There were better opportunities for clinical observations than in many parts of the US. Doctors there are used to having medical students observe patients and procedures during the school year, and during the summer the pre-meds can take their place. And many doctors seemed to welcome the opportunity to have conversations with the US pre-meds…I would highly recommend this experience to any pre-med students.

Bill Wingard headshot.
Bill Wingard

Lead Advisor, Career Services Center

UC San Diego

During a recent visit to Atlantis sites in Spain, I had the opportunity to visit several clinical locations where students shadow. The clinical facilities were impressive but more impressive was the dedication to teaching that I observed among the clinical staff. This is a high-quality shadowing opportunity that adheres strictly to the AAMC guidelines and provides students with different experiences than they are likely to have in the US.

Karen Palin headshot.
Karen A. Palin, PhD

Department of Biology

Bates College

I was impressed by the organization of the program and the enthusiastic welcome from the hospitals and physicians. Atlantis is run in an extremely ethical manner, and it is clear that the students have the opportunity to benefit enormously from their experiences. Atlantis provides an ethical and safe opportunity for students to explore their interests in medicine, and to experience health care systems that are different from those in the United States.

Seth Ramus headshot.
Seth J. Ramus, PhD.

Director of Health Professions Advising

Bowdoin College

We pre-meds go to study abroad fairs and are disappointed because none of the options are a fit for us since they don’t include the classes we need. I might have taken 5 brochures out of 200 programs at the fair, because none of them offer upper-level classes that fit a pre-med schedule, like physics, organic chemistry etc.

Nicole C.

Atlantis ‘20

Lehigh University ‘21

It’s hard as a pre-medical student to stand out from every other pre-medical student out there, especially when it comes to experiences before medical school. When I decided to travel across the world to shadow abroad, I knew I was helping myself stand out from the crowd. What I didn’t know was how deep my love for traveling would be and how deep my love for the people I met on my journey would be.

Michaela Dews headshot.
Michaela Dews

Viana do Castelo, Portugal 2017

Harvard University

Working with Atlantis and creating our first customized short-term program for our Pre-med students was very rewarding for me and my students. Atlantis staff is very detail oriented and will make this process as smooth as possible…I am happy with our partnership and I look forward to more ideas and ways to give our pre-med students opportunities to experience hospital shadowing in their field.

Maria Richart headshot.
Maria J. Richart

Associate Director for International Outreach

Rochester Institute of Technology

The language barrier allowed me to gain my first unique skill: the ability to analyze and interpret body language. I believe that this is not only something that will benefit me when faced with another language, but also I’m my future medical career.

Marenda Biggs headshot.
Marenda Biggs

Milan, Italy 2018

Missouri State University

Pre-health advisors are constantly looking for valuable opportunities to share with our students and this is hands-down one to recommend. As we become a more global society, it is important that students experience global medicine.

Lauren Albaum headshot.
Lauren Albaum

Science and Pre-Health Career and Internship Coordinator

Florida Southern College

I recently traveled to Spain at the invitation of Atlantis. As the Pre-Health Counselor for my university I caution my students to practice the observation based shadowing guidelines recommended by the AAMC especially when traveling overseas. During the trip we talked to physicians and fellows who knew that because this was an Atlantis sponsored trip, they were expected to follow these guidelines and were very excited about the opportunity to work and learn together.

Krysta Diehl headshot.
Krysta Diehl

Pre-Health Counseling

Auburn University

Our university had a fantastic experience with Atlantis in Lisbon, Portugal. Our 11 students were able to shadow some major surgeries at their hospital and could easily spend hours talking about their experiences. All of the Atlantis staff were very welcome and helpful, especially our on-site manager—he was always there to lead us around and to troubleshoot. We will definitely be reaching out to Atlantis for future clinical experiences!

Krista Rogers headshot.
Krista Rogers, M.A.

Program Coordinator, Enrichment Programs

University of Connecticut

The opportunities Atlantis has created for our students at the University of Arizona are amazing. With almost 9,000 Pre-Health students, we have a tremendous need for programming and Atlantis has created a niche for these students to not only study abroad, but gain experience shadowing in European hospitals. The students were provided an incredible experience this first summer in Toledo and Zaragoza and we look forward to sending more students on Atlantis programs in the future.

Katie Van Wyk headshot.
Katie Van Wyk

Study Abroad Coordinator

University of Arizona

The program is well-organized and well-staffed, with sufficient resources to accommodate student needs. The housing which we saw was safe and comfortable, in central locations convenient to transportation and to the shadowing sites. Students can also take advantage of the weekly cultural activities and excursions, unique to the various shadowing locations, offered in conjunction with the program.

Karen Palin headshot.
Karen A. Palin, PhD

Department of Biology

Bates College

From the moment I stepped on the ground in Spain, the on-site and support coordinators made me feel welcome with personal tours of the Atlantis facilities and highlights of the cities. The undergraduate students spoke highly of the Atlantis and hospital staff, and the overall intensity of the program. The hospital doctors, residents, nurses, and administration were impressed with the work-ethic of the Atlantis Fellows. Overall, I would highly recommend this program to any students considering medical school or another health-related profession.

Jill Russell headshot.
Jill Russell

Director of Global Education

Lebanon Valley College

Atlantis programs fill a unique niche in study-abroad offerings that meet the specific needs of pre-health students. The staff are extremely knowledgeable and committed to increasing global exchange in the medical arena.

Jennifer Hood-DeGrenier headshot.
Jennifer Hood-DeGrenier

Associate Professor of Biology; Chair, Pre-medical Advisory Committee

Worcester State University

This is a fantastic program that provides an immeasurably valuable opportunity for students. Not only because the affiliated medical professionals are exceptionally engaged with the interns, but because the exposure to other cultures and other medical systems is important to being a well-informed, broad-minded physician.

Jana Prikryl headshot.
Jana Prikryl

General Science Director, Biology Adviser/ Senior Instructor

University of Oregon

In a world where networks are invaluable, I will cherish the relationships I had with the doctors I shadowed at Hospital El Bierzo. Many offered me their emails so that I can ask them questions or to be references for future applications. It meant so much to me that they wanted to invest in my future beyond my three weeks as a Fellow.


Hannah Perkins headshot.
Hannah Perkins

Ponferrada, Spain 2018

Furman University

I was following residents and doctors in Trauma and Orthopedics and was able to observe surgeries ranging from total shoulder replacements to spinal surgeries… I knew then and there I wanted to be in the place of those surgeons one day, working hard to better a patient’s quality of life through amazing surgical techniques and cutting-edge medical technology.

Emily Milesi headshot.
Emily Milesi

Ferrol, Spain 2018

Sonoma State University

Parent Testimonials

Students on an excursion to the temple of Poseidon.
Atlantis students on an excursion to the temple of Poseidon (Athens, Greece, 2019).
Students learning how to make pesto in Italy.
Atlantis students learning how to make pesto in Italy (Genoa, Italy, 2019).

I would like to attest to the legitimacy of this program, having served as a highly valuable and memorable experience to my child. We did not know what to expect, but were able to network before traveling with students across the nation who had already been to this program and found personal testimony of their experience to ease our minds.


Mother of Katarina

Texas A&M Corpus Christi

I don’t know where to start with the compliments. Immediately, our son had the opportunity to shadow physicians and witness surgeries. The physicians were eager to teach and answer questions. Our son felt safe. The accommodations, transportation and hospital experiences were well organized and were overseen by a very attentive site manager.

Mary Ann

Mother of Jack

University of Kansas

Although she has done volunteer work in hospitals in the U.S. for more than 3 years and has worked as a clinical researcher in one of the busiest ER departments in the country, none of her experiences were even remotely as valuable as her shadowing experience in Cuenca in terms of understanding the life of a doctor and whether she is meant for this endeavor.


Mother of Caroline

Georgetown University '18

As parents, my wife and I found that the staff at Atlantis are prompt, courteous, and well-informed. They are helpful and always return our calls and email messages quite promptly. Our son thoroughly enjoyed his trip to Tomelloso, Spain, and speaks very highly of this program. He enjoyed shadowing the doctors at the hospitals in [Tomelloso] and he has thus far received numerous offers of enrollment at medical colleges in Europe conditional upon his SAT results. Our son also speaks of the excellent chance in meeting new people and learning a new culture. We highly recommend this program to all prospective medical students.

Ajay & Bonnie Chandra

Morada, CA

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