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Multi-Country Programs

Multi-country programs compound both the short and long-term value of your study abroad and clinical experience.

Some Reasons To Consider Programs That Take Place In Multiple Countries

360 Shadowing, the unique model we use at Atlantis, is already characterized by greater depth, breadth, quantity of hours, and intercultural perspective than ordinary shadowing, even if you only visit one country with Atlantis. However, observing doctors in multiple countries makes most of these elements more prominent:

1. Depth

  • This one element remains the same regardless of the number of countries you visit; in each location, you will be exposed to complex procedures and the actual tasks of medical professionals.

2. Even more breadth

  • You will shadow more doctors and more specialties, and, depending on the countries you visit, also in several settings (e.g., large hospital, small hospital, etc.).

3. Even greater quantity

  • You will shadow more hours on a multi-country program; either way, hours are even more valuable when they’re split between locations (e.g., 120 hours split among Italy, Spain, and Portugal is categorically better than 120 hours in one location).

4. Greater Intercultural Perspective

  • You will be even more attuned to what is essential versus culturally contingent in medicine, having not just one, but multiple comparison points with the U.S. healthcare system. You’ll be able to compare several countries instead of two, learn from that, and use that in your med/PA applications and interviews.


In selecting a program, we encourage you to look at multi-country options first. That said, look at all your options and do what is best for your unique path. Keep in mind, also, that multi-country programs cost more, so ask yourself what level of investment you and/or your family are ok with. Our financing & aid page details many options on this front.

Whichever program you choose, 360 Shadowing has the potential to be one of the greatest investments in your healthcare path. Our team looks forward to helping you find the program that is the best fit for you.

Atlantis Alumna on Her 3-Country Program Experience

Combining Experiences Can
Increase Their Impact

A chart describing the impact of multi country shadowing.

Interested in Multi-Country Programs?

Visit our Cities page and select 2 or 3 countries from the respective dropdown. Note that you may also (if you choose) combine Shadowing with Service-Research Projects.