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Jumpstart your future in healthcare.

Medical schools want 3 things: healthcare exposure, GPA/MCAT, and AAMC competencies. Atlantis gives you the best version of the 1st, frees you to focus on the 2nd, and cultivates/shows the 3rd to medical schools. And we do this in some of the most attractive countries in the world to visit.


Keep In Mind

  • Language skills are not required
  • Atlantis alumni become some of the few Med/PA applicants to have seen universal healthcare systems, and they often bring this up as a conversation in interviews.
  • Atlantis runs primarily Shadowing, but also Service-Research Projects, or a multi-country combination of Shadowing and/or Projects. Some programs also include a Harvard Medical School HMX course
  • Atlantis programs include housing, some meals, excursions, health insurance, and more
  • In a PhD-authored study, 93% of a large sample of alumni progressed on the competencies that medical schools use to assess applicants


Students tubing in the ocean in Greece.
Atlantis students tubing in the ocean on a program excursion (Athens, Greece, 2019).

Consider Programs That Combine Multiple Countries In One Trip

Multi-country programs compound both the short and long-term value of your experience.

Students experiencing culture abroad while shadowing.
Atlantis students experiencing culture abroad while shadowing (Athens, Greece, 2019).

Watch Video: The Atlantis Experience

Europe vs. the US

Compare healthcare costs and life expectancies between countries in Europe and the United States to see how shadowing in Europe can provide valuable healthcare experience.

I was impressed by the organization of the program and the enthusiastic welcome from the hospitals and physicians. Atlantis is run in an extremely ethical manner, and it is clear that the students have the opportunity to benefit enormously from their experiences. Atlantis provides an ethical and safe opportunity for students to explore their interests in medicine, and to experience health care systems that are different from those in the United States.

Seth Ramus headshot.
Seth J. Ramus, PhD.

Director of Health Professions Advising

Bowdoin College

Pre-health advisors are constantly looking for valuable opportunities to share with our students and this is hands-down one to recommend. As we become a more global society, it is important that students experience global medicine.

Lauren Albaum headshot.
Lauren Albaum

Science and Pre-Health Career and Internship Coordinator

Florida Southern College

I could not have been more impressed with Atlantis, and their staff. I have never before witnessed host hospitals so excited to be working with pre-med students. The quality, combination of experiences, and intention of the program is so evident…Atlantis comes with my highest recommendation, and I look forward to a long working relationship and many student group trips in the future.

Brenna Dunlap headshot.
Brenna Dunlap

Healthcare Programs Director

Eastern Oregon University

Our university had a fantastic experience with Atlantis in Lisbon, Portugal. Our 11 students were able to shadow some major surgeries at their hospital and could easily spend hours talking about their experiences. All of the Atlantis staff were very welcome and helpful, especially our on-site manager—he was always there to lead us around and to troubleshoot. We will definitely be reaching out to Atlantis for future clinical experiences!

Krista Rogers headshot.
Krista Rogers, M.A.

Program Coordinator, Enrichment Programs

University of Connecticut

I visited Atlantis in June, and we traveled to three sites near Madrid, including Zaragoza and Toledo. I think my favorite from a tourist perspective was Toledo, and I also like the housing there for students. From a clinical perspective, I liked Zaragoza, as the doctors there were very accommodating, and it was large with lots of medical specialties. Madrid was also interesting, being a large capital city, and the central point for students when they arrive for their orientation, which was very well planned.

Bill Wingard headshot.
Bill Wingard

Lead Advisor, Career Services Center

UC San Diego

Working with Atlantis and creating our first customized short-term program for our Pre-med students was very rewarding for me and my students. Atlantis staff is very detail oriented and will make this process as smooth as possible…I am happy with our partnership and I look forward to more ideas and ways to give our pre-med students opportunities to experience hospital shadowing in their field.

Maria Richart headshot.
Maria J. Richart

Associate Director for International Outreach

Rochester Institute of Technology

The opportunities Atlantis has created for our students at the University of Arizona are amazing. With almost 9,000 Pre-Health students, we have a tremendous need for programming and Atlantis has created a niche for these students to not only study abroad, but gain experience shadowing in European hospitals. The students were provided an incredible experience this first summer in Toledo and Zaragoza and we look forward to sending more students on Atlantis programs in the future.

Katie Van Wyk headshot.
Katie Van Wyk

Study Abroad Coordinator

University of Arizona

The program is well-organized and well-staffed, with sufficient resources to accommodate student needs. The housing which we saw was safe and comfortable, in central locations convenient to transportation and to the shadowing sites. Students can also take advantage of the weekly cultural activities and excursions, unique to the various shadowing locations, offered in conjunction with the program.

Karen Palin headshot.
Karen A. Palin, PhD

Department of Biology

Bates College