Students Completing Physician Shadowing Abroad Report Progress on AAMC Core Competencies

A recent report shows that students shadowing abroad are showing significant progress regarding the AAMC Core Competencies. Read on for more details!



September 20, 2019

Contact: Brian Whalen, Chief Academic Officer

ARLINGTON, Virginia —

Students who completed an Atlantis Physician Shadowing Fellowship abroad in Summer, 2019 report advancing significantly in their preparation for medical school. That is according to data from a study that assessed how students progressed on the Core Competencies for Students Entering Medical School published by the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC).  The AAMC has determined that these values, traits, skills and abilities are the most necessary for entering medical students and future successful physicians.

1,811 Atlantis students completed an evaluation in which they rated their progress on a range of Core Competencies strongly associated with the Atlantis physician shadowing experience abroad. These competencies included cultural competence, service orientation, and resilience and adaptability.

Overall, 93% of students either “strongly agreed (71%)” or “agreed (22%)” that they had progressed on these Core Competencies. The overall average rating was 4.63 on a 5-point scale (1 = strongly disagree; 2 = disagree; 3 = neutral; 4 = agree; 5 = strongly agree).

Significant progress was reported in essential AAMC Core Competencies:

According to Atlantis Chief Academic Officer Brian Whalen, “This data shows the significant educational value of the Atlantis Fellowship and how it is helping to educate the next generation of physicians and medical professionals.”

Atlantis Hospital Shadowing programs are offered in 30+ locations in ten countries and are between three to six weeks in length. Students complete over 20 hours of clinical shadowing of a host physician each week and observe patient care and procedures in a wide variety of medical specialties. Approximately 85% of Atlantis students are pre-med; 15% are nursing and other pre-health professions students. Atlantis programs comply with the Physician Shadowing Guidelines published by the Association of American Medical Colleges.

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