Harvard Medical School HMX Course

Self-Paced Study with Renowned Medical School Faculty

Some programs include a Harvard Medical School HMX course and the potential to earn a certificate from Harvard Medical School depending on performance in the course. The HMX course would be taken over several weeks before, during, or after your Atlantis program depending on the space available in HMX cohorts at the time that you enroll in Atlantis.

Each HMX course is designed to give learners a solid foundation in the basic science principles that are relevant to human health and disease. Concepts are taught using whiteboard-style videos and animations and reinforced by interactive elements, true-to-life scenarios, and real patient cases to enhance learning.

Why Include an HMX Course in Some Atlantis Programs?

We believe HMX is highly complementary to Atlantis programs and to the pre-health curriculum. Your undergraduate institution focuses on delivering a good pre-health curriculum. Atlantis focuses on the experiential side (think hospital instead of classroom) of pre-health education. HMX focuses on coursework that prepares pre-meds to jump from pre-health academics to medical school academics, while providing inspiration, and (for those of you who are not sure) an additional data point that helps you assess whether medicine is for you. Neither Atlantis by itself nor your undergraduate institution by itself can deliver on this medical school experience in the way HMX does. This is why Atlantis includes an HMX course in some Atlantis programs.

Atlantis Participants May Earn a Certificate from Harvard Medical School

HMX courses require self-paced work during the academic year, are guided by incredible faculty from Harvard Medical School, and include the potential to earn certificates from Harvard Medical School upon course completion.


How May This Factor Help Me in My Applications to Med/PA Schools?

Medical schools certainly do not require courses like this, but they do require a genuine interest in medicine and prefer applicants who will enjoy medical school coursework. By completing an HMX course as part of your Atlantis program, you will be one of the few med/PA school applicants who have (practically speaking) effectively taken an MD-style course (even though HMX courses are not the exact same as a medical school course).

The certificate of completion you are eligible to receive (subject to performance) from Harvard Medical School will be another element of your application that shows admissions committees that you are serious about medicine, so serious in fact, that you invested hours in a not-for-credit course that is of superior quality and is very valuable. That said, only you can tell whether you think this will be an asset for your particular circumstances. Note, finally, that we believe these courses are extremely inspiring, and we believe that is also a benefit.


Are these HMX courses (taken as part of an Atlantis program) for-credit?

These are not-for-credit courses, but you are eligible depending on your performance to earn a certificate from Harvard Medical School HMX upon completion.

Are there additional costs of taking an Atlantis program that includes an HMX course?

There are no additional costs for Atlantis programs that include an HMX course, beyond the overall Atlantis program fee.

When would I take the HMX course relative to my in-person Atlantis program?

HMX courses take place over several weeks before, during, or after your Atlantis program, subject to availability of space in HMX courses at the time you enroll.

Beyond the time I spend on my in-person Atlantis program, how much time investment will HMX require?

HMX Fundamentals courses last 10 weeks, with materials released each week. Expect to spend 3-6 hours per course per week. We encourage you to prudently consider whether you will responsibly be able to add this commitment to your schedule, especially if this takes place during your semesters and quarters. Remember that the grades on your regular undergraduate classes are essential for medical school admissions success.

Should I add my HMX course (that I have done through Atlantis) to my medical school applications?

If you list HMX on, for example, an AMCAS application, include it in the “work and activities” section, since HMX is not for credit.

You Can Also Do HMX on Your Own Without Atlantis

If you don’t think our Atlantis programs are a fit for you, or are not a fit yet, consider taking an HMX course by itself. There is a fee per course that HMX charges. Check out the HMX site for more details. Consider taking HMX’s free trial if you’re not sure.

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