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Medical schools want 3 things: healthcare exposure, GPA/MCAT, and AAMC competencies. When you shadow with Atlantis, you get all 3.

93% of Atlantis alumni either “strongly agreed” or “agreed” that they had progressed on AAMC competencies.

How It Works
Program Highlights

Experience in the field

We know that pre-med students spend thousands of hours in the classroom, but ultimately have very little insight into what it looks like to work in the hospital.

We believe that the experiential learning gained on our programs can help answer all of the questions that a textbook cannot. Can you spend long hours on your feet? Does the sight of blood actually make you queasy? These are all important things to know sooner rather than later!

We are proud to offer this opportunity to help pre-med students further discern their vocations within the world of medicine. In fact, we often receive feedback from our students about the ways in which their view of medicine and healthcare were transformed on program.

Program Highlights

A global healthcare perspective

If there has ever been a time to be paying attention to foreign healthcare systems, it's now. As the conversation surrounding US healthcare shifts and grows in importance, it will be necessary for the future policy makers and healthcare providers to be well informed about how both national and international healthcare systems work.

Our students have the opportunity to spend several weeks immersed in some of the top European hospitals, conversing with foreign doctors, and forming their own opinions about how they believe healthcare systems should function.

Program Highlights

Long-lasting friendships

Many of our students embark on their programs alone, open to making new friends and memories when they arrive on site. Whether traveling alone or with a friend from home, you are sure to make profound and long-lasting connections with the like-minded, goal-oriented students you will encounter along the way.

Even years down the road, our students are as close with the Atlantis community as ever; an aspect of post-program life that we are excited to continue through our Alumni Ambassador community, internship opportunities, and a healthy online community.


  • 60-140 shadowing hours in top hospitals
  • Student to doctor ratio of 1:1 or 2:1
  • Small groups of ~10-15 students
  • Observe various specializations
How It Works


  • Group meals & weekly excursions
  • Travel health insurance
  • Weekend travel free-time
  • Clean, local group housing

Financial aid & flexible dates make it possible.


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Foreign language skills are not required.


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