Students smiling while getting a tour.
Atlantis students while receiving a tour at the hospital where they will shadow (Genoa, Italy, 2019).

Application Process

Take the first step to jumpstart your future in healthcare.

Application Process Steps

Step One: Online Application

The online application can take less than 15 minutes to complete and consists of:

  • General Information
  • Academics – no transcript required
  • Additional Questions
  • Program Preferences
  • Short Responses

As you fill out your application, keep in mind our open programs, since you’ll be asked about your preferences.

Side note: Atlantis has helped many alumni be admitted to medical school, and we want your participation in Atlantis to be a major help down the road, when you fill the (much longer) Med School application (or the application for the healthcare track you choose). Atlantis alumni have leveraged Atlantis into their future medical school application and admission.

Step Two: Two-Way Alumni Video Interview & Admissions Decision

Our interview process is a two-way street. You’ll meet with an Atlantis alum for a ~30-minute video call to assess if Atlantis is a good fit for you and vice versa. Here’s what we’re looking for: a genuine passion for healthcare, maturity, and professionalism. All of these show us how you will interact with our international hospital partners. Similarly, you should be asking the Atlantis alum any questions that will help you determine whether Atlantis is a fit for you: Why did you do it? Why did you pick Atlantis versus other things? Did it help you with X and Y? How will you leverage it in your medical school applications?

To prepare, think about general questions you have, what experience you would like to gain through the program, as well as any logistical or financial notes you want to cover.

Did You Know? More than 1 out of every 10 U.S. pre-health advisors has been to our programs; ask yours for their advice on how to fit Atlantis into your pre-health path. If your advisor hasn’t been to our programs, ask him or her to reach out to pre-health advisor peers at other universities to ask opinions from those who have visited Atlantis programs.

Step Three: Enrollment Process

After passing the interview, you’ll receive a formal offer with your program dates & location. To confirm your placement, you’ll typically be given 2 weeks to complete the Enrollment Checklist, which asks you to:

  • Agree with the student agreement
  • Submit the $900 non-refundable deposit
  • Choose a payment plan

Once your Enrollment Checklist is approved, congratulations! You’re enrolled! You will receive a confirmation email officially introducing you to the Post Enrollment team.


As you prepare for your program, our Post Enrollment team will make sure that you feel confident and comfortable with what to expect. They will be your point of contact regarding travel logistics, vaccine records, and payment questions. You will receive details on the Site Manager, program housing details, and arrival day logistics no later than two weeks before the program start date.

Students arrange their own flights and arrival transportation to the program housing, but Atlantis programs include many important things that are part of your experience. For more pre-departure information, consult our FAQs.

Some Common Questions

Do I have to apply for multiple programs separately?

The application process is the same regardless of the country you apply for, the number of countries you’d like to visit, or whether you’re interested in Shadowing versus Service-Research Projects. Once accepted, your acceptance extends to all Atlantis programs. See our open programs here.

Is there an application deadline?

Applications generally remain open throughout the academic year, until at least the early Spring of each year. However, as you’ve probably noticed, most of our programs are made up of small groups. For that reason we are frequently filling programs and opening new ones, every month, while they are available. If for whatever reason you are not ready to apply, we can keep you updated as our programs open and close.

How long before I hear back?

On average, the application process takes 2–4 weeks. The time it takes to advance through the 3-step application process depends on the volume of applications, which varies throughout the year. Applications can be expedited due to extenuating circumstances. Otherwise, our team reviews applications in order of submission.

Am I eligible?

You must be at least 18 years old by the time your program is set to start, and attending or recently graduated from college (except for our limited high school programs). If you are an international student, you are responsible for researching and acquiring any travel documents you may need in order to travel to your program destination(s).

Greek ruins on a sunny day.
Who It’s For

Anatomy of An Atlantis Applicant

We are proud of the fact that our students come from a diverse set of backgrounds. They range from incoming college freshmen to recent graduates, post-college gap years, and post bacc students. Atlantis students:

  • Are at least 18 years old by the time their program is set to start (except for limited high school programs)
  • Have a genuine passion for healthcare, commitment to excellence, and professionalism
  • Go on to pursue a wide range of health professions: MD, DO, PA, Nursing, PT, OT, Pharmacy, and many others

Our Alumni Enter Great Medical Schools

John Daines headshot.

John Daines

  • Atlantis '17
  • Brigham Young University '19
  • Washington U. in St. Louis MD '23
Zoey Petitt headshot.

Zoey Petitt

  • Atlantis '17
  • U. of Arizona '18
  • Duke MD '23
Yong hun Kim headshot.

Yong-hun Kim

  • Atlantis '17
  • Stanford '19
  • Mayo Clinic MD '24
Megan Branson headshot.

Megan Branson

  • Atlantis '18
  • U. of Montana '19
  • U. of Washington MD '24
Sarah Emerick headshot.

Sarah Emerick

  • Atlantis '19
  • Eckerd College '20
  • Indiana U. MD '25
Snow Nwankwo headshot.

Snow Nwankwo

  • Atlantis '19
  • Catholic U. of America '21
  • Georgetown U. MD '26
Tiffany Hu headshot.

Tiffany Hu

  • Atlantis '16
  • U. of Maryland '17
  • U. of Michigan MD '22
Lauren Cox headshot.

Lauren Cox

  • Atlantis '18
  • Louisiana Tech '20
  • U. of Arkansas MD '24
Kayla Riegler headshot.

Kayla Riegler

  • Atlantis '18
  • U. of Kentucky '20
  • U. of Kentucky MD '24

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Cover of the Medical School Admissions Guide.

Two Atlantis alumni admitted to the Harvard Medical School MD and Stanford School of Medicine MD programs wrote our widely read medical school admissions guidebook — download yours.