A panoramic view of the city of Mantua, Italy (an Atlantis site).
A panoramic view of the city of Mantua, Italy (an Atlantis site).
A stone building with ivy on it in Italy.
A stone building in a town in Italy with ivy growing on it.
A fresco painted ceiling in a building in Mantua.
A fresco painted ceiling in a building in Mantua, Italy (an Atlantis site).



$2,899 - $5,999


Mantua is situated in the Lombardy region and is considered one of the main artistic and cultural hubs in Northern Italy. Mantua is known as La Bella Addormentata, a sleeping beauty that hasn’t changed since the Middle Ages. Surrounded by three artificial lakes created in the twelfth century, Mantua is a city still full of Renaissance splendor where visitors can enjoy the tranquility of the lakes or take a walk or bike ride along the banks of the River Mincio.

Destination Information

The City

The city owes a lot of its prestige to the wealthy and powerful Gonzaga family (yes, the American University is named after one of them), who ruled the city for nearly four centuries. Food, art, nature, and a welcoming atmosphere are reasons why the greatest Italian Renaissance poet, Torquato Tasso, wrote that Mantua is “a very beautiful city, and one well worth traveling a thousand miles to see.”

Dates & Availability

  • Summer Break 2023




May 13, 2023 - June 2, 2023 3 weeks

$4,999 from $230/month


June 3, 2023 - June 23, 2023 3 weeks

$4,999 from $230/month


June 24, 2023 - June 30, 2023 1 week

$2,899 from $112/month


July 1, 2023 - July 28, 2023 4 weeks

$5,999 from $286/month


You may pay over time, fundraise, consider scholarships, and more. See more on the financing and aid page.

Dates may be subject to change, in rare cases, depending on hospital availability. Students may transfer to another program or receive a refund up until a pre-defined amount of before the start date. All fees include an initial $900 deposit, which is non-refundable. Accepted students or their parents are welcome to apply for financing through Uplift (up to 24-month terms, with a 4% to 36% fixed APR based on creditworthiness). Monthly payment amounts are for those paying via Uplift and are for illustration purposes only.

What’s Included

Atlantis programs include ~20h/week of shadowing, housing, some meals, transportation, health insurance, and more. Airfare is not included but can be very affordable.

Hospital Overview

The ASST di Mantova (‘ASST’ stands for ‘Azienda Socio Sanitaria Territoriale’) sits just north of Mantua’s city center, not far from the train station. The hospital serves a rural province of about 415,000 inhabitants. ASST di Mantova is a public, non-university hospital with high-level specialties, offering both inpatient and outpatient services.

Alumni Favorite

Specialty Dishes

Food in this city is just poetry. In a street called Via Pescheria, along Rio Canal, there is a kiosk where people can taste the “cannoncino,” a local specialty wafer with whipped cream and pudding. There are also some great restaurants that offer an excellent “stracotto” (donkey stew) or the typical “bevrinvin,” which is agnolini (similar to tortellini) in soup with red wine.

Students enjoying food at a restaurant.
Atlantis students enjoying food at a restaurant (Mantua, Italy, 2019).

Atlantis allowed me to step outside of my comfort zone and immerse myself in a culture that I would probably have never done if it wasn’t for this program. I learned so much about a different healthcare system and was able to confirm that medicine is what I want to do in the future. The program is a perfect mix of being able to explore a foreign country while also helping you to achieve your future goal of being a doctor.

Students smiling by the ocean.
Atlantis students on an excursion during their shadowing program (Mantua, Italy, 2019).
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Our excursions are designed to offer a deeper look into your host culture, for both the educational benefit and the pure enjoyment of exploring a new place with others who share your interests in travel and medicine. If you happen to make travel plans outside of your city for a weekend, and thus your travel plans conflict with the events your Site Manager has planned, we ask that you notify your Site Manager several days in advance so that they’re able to plan the excursion accordingly. Excursions range from historical tours to culinary and cultural explorations. Your Site Manager will inform you of the different excursions they have planned during your program orientation.

Atlantis students on a program excursion.
Atlantis students on a program excursion (Genoa, Italy, 2019).

Clinical Experience that Stands Out to Schools

Medical schools want 3 things: healthcare exposure, GPA/MCAT, and certain competencies. Uniquely, “360 Shadowing” gives you the best version of the 1st, frees you to focus on the 2nd, and cultivates/shows the 3rd to medical school admissions.

Two students walking out of a hospital wing.
Atlantis students in a hospital wing (Lisbon, Portugal, 2019).
Students tubing in the ocean in Greece.

Watch the Atlantis Experience

Language Skills Not Required

Almost all alumni have not spoken the local language. English levels vary within the hospital, but no knowledge of the language is required for Atlantis to be valuable. There is English ability in enough places in the hospital for participants to benefit, as you can read in our testimonials. Moreover, a program in an English-speaking country would take away some of the value of Atlantis, particularly the intercultural perspective that Atlantis participants gain, in a world where many of your future patients in your career later on will not speak your language and will come from a different cultural background. Any possible language barrier you may encounter at Atlantis, even if slight, is also an opportunity to develop “resilience and adaptability,” one of the 15 AAMC core competencies for entering medical students.

Funding Your Future

The cost of Atlantis isn’t too dissimilar from the cost of many study abroad programs that you may find. And we’re here to help: from our extensive fundraising guide to flexible payment plans and financing options, we make the process simple and easy, allowing you to focus on what really matters.

An Atlantis student smiling while shadowing abroad.
An Atlantis student on an excursion experiencing culture while shadowing abroad (Athens, Greece, 2019).

Hear More Directly From Our Alumni

Hear more from them on their experiences during and after Atlantis.

An Atlantis student standing outside the hospital where she is shadowing.
An Atlantis student standing outside the hospital where she is shadowing (Barcelona, Spain, 2019).

Bring a Friend

Consider bringing a friend to the same program you’re applying to. Although the vast majority of Atlantis alumni have gone on programs without knowing someone in their cohort, bringing a friend allows your experience to be shared in a unique way, while still allowing you one of the benefits of Atlantis: meeting new pre-health friends from across the country. Consider sharing this idea with your friends.

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students walking and smiling.
Atlantis students exploring together on a program excursion (Athens, Greece, 2019).

Med School Interview:
Atlantis Alum vs. Typical Pre-med

Compare a possible medical school interview of an Atlantis alum with that of a typical applicant by looking at responses to common questions.

Greek ruins on a sunny day.

Gain the Exposure, Stats, and Competencies that Med Schools Want

  • The vast majority of alumni accepted into med/PA school said Atlantis “strongly” or “very strongly” impacted their admittance
  • 81% of alumni accepted into med/PA school said Atlantis impacted their passion for medicine
  • 93% of our pre-health alumni progressed on the AAMC Core Competencies for Entering Medical Students