Students chatting in a hospital hallway.
An Atlantis student shadowing in the hospital (Athens, Greece, 2019).

Admissions Advising & Mentoring

Take advantage of two opportunities (included with your Atlantis program) to gain inside perspectives on what truly counts for applying to med school.

Two Different Lenses Included With Your Program: Advising vs. Mentoring

Whether you are about to apply to medical school or have a few years to go, good advice is crucial. As a modest complement to advice you already receive from your pre-health advisor or other sources, Atlantis gives you two additional elements included in every program at no extra cost: (1)advising from a professional experienced in medical school admissions and (2)mentoring from someone who was more recently admitted to a top MD program.

The First Lens: Admissions Advising

First-time Atlantis students from all programs receive admissions advising. This is optional and free of any additional cost, but highly recommended. Participants attend a series of three, alumni-only, Q&A-driven webinars, usually in the academic year after their Atlantis program (sometimes before). These webinars are presented by a professional experienced with medical school admissions (e.g. a former admissions officer from a U.S. med school, someone with similar experience, or someone with great exposure to that process). Instead of focusing on content that can be easily found online, the focus of these webinars is to answer individual questions in a group setting with other Atlantis alumni. The presenter will not currently be working at a med school, and will therefore be unbiased and open about what matters for your application. Note: Atlantis does not provide paid, in-depth admissions consulting services, in an effort to focus on what we do best. Many such services are offered by other organizations, and you can consider looking into those.

A view of a coastline with blue water.
The coastline of Praia, Cape Verde (an Atlantis site).
An exterior view of a hospital.
A hospital in Athens, Greece (an Atlantis site).

The Second Lens: Mentoring with a Top 10 Med School Student

As a pre-med, sometimes what you want most is just to have solid peer advice. As a first-time participant in Atlantis, and in addition to the advising given by a professional (see above section), you will be invited to one of the following two (not both) mentorship formats with a student from a top 10 medical school. Which of the two is offered depends on availability at the time this is due. Each of the two formats has significant value:

  • A virtual mentoring session lasting at least 30 minutes, or
  • Several sessions, spread over different days, of virtual group mentoring with other Atlantis participants (this is more likely)

Mentoring sessions will take place either before or (more likely) after your Atlantis program, depending on availability. Before you begin, you will complete a form that lists specific questions you have, although you can certainly bring other questions live.

Cover of the Medical School Admissions Guide.

Two Atlantis alumni admitted to the Harvard Medical School MD and Stanford School of Medicine MD programs wrote our widely read medical school admissions guidebook — download yours.

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