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Students who completed an Atlantis Program in Summer 2019 report advancing significantly in their preparation for medical school, according to a study that assessed them on the AAMC’s Core Competencies for Students Entering Medical School. Overall, 93% of Atlantis students believed they had progressed on these Core Competencies, which include adapting to stressful circumstances, interacting with people from diverse backgrounds & engaging competing perspectives in learning and work. According to Atlantis’ Chief Academic Officer, Brian Whalen, “This data shows the significant educational value of the Atlantis Program and how it is helping to educate the next generation of physicians and medical professionals."

Although she has done volunteer work in hospitals in the U.S. for more than 3 years and has worked as a clinical researcher in one of the busiest ER departments in the country, none of her experiences were even remotely as valuable as her shadowing experience in Cuenca in terms of understanding the life of a doctor and whether she is meant for this endeavor.

Deena, Mother of Caroline (Georgetown '18)

We strive for value

As an organization, we prioritize building programs with long-term educational value for our students, and believe the Atlantis program is an investment in their future. Many of our alumni leverage their Atlantis experiences for college and graduate application essays and interviews, and some of our alumni have gone on to enter the most prestigious medical programs in the United States, such as UCSF School of Medicine, Harvard Medical School, and Johns Hopkins School of Medicine.

Atlantis is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for pre-med, pre-PA, and other pre-health students to go abroad while gaining clinical shadowing hours, experiencing a variety of medical specialties, and discerning their future in the medical field.

Medical school tuition in the United States averages about $50,000 a year. That is no easy pill to swallow, which is why we think it is of utmost importance that future medical students are absolutely certain that medicine is the right vocation for them. In 2020 survey of Atlantis alumni in medical and PA school, 100% testified that Atlantis impacted their passion for medicine, and 90% referenced Atlantis during the application process.

Safety is our priority

The safety of our students is one of the things we talk about most, and we are proud to say that we have never had a serious safety concern on any of our programs.

Not only are we extremely selective about placement locations to ensure a low-risk environment, but we also extensively train all of our on-program Site Managers prior to every program year. Site Managers are locals to the program site, and are available 24/7 to students, should they need assistance.

We provide each student with travel and health insurance, as well as a non-smartphone so that they will never be without the ability to call in an emergency. To learn more about best practices for safe travel, make sure to sign up for the free Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP) administered by the US Department of State.

I participated in Atlantis when I was still trying to determine whether I wanted to commit to medicine as a career, and being able to immerse myself into different areas of a hospital for a large number of hours made me more excited about medicine and certain that it was the path I wanted to go down.

Zoey P., Duke University School of Medicine

We help with financing

Atlantis is an investment in your career just like paying tuition. And like your college, we offer payment plans, financing and aid options varying by program to help make participation possible. Our team works with you and the student to find a program that fits your budget.

Advisor Spotlight

“After visiting a few of the sites, and speaking with students, administrators, and participating physicians, I’m very comfortable recommending Atlantis to our students. They are very aware of, and follow, ethical guidelines, which is important for any program our students may choose to go on. It’s a flexible, mutually beneficial way for students to get shadowing experience at the same time as learning about a healthcare system different from their own.”

Christine Richmond, M.Ed., Academic Advisor, Pre-Health Advisor, University of Florida

95% of our alumni would recommend Atlantis to a friend

With over 105 alumni reviews on GoOverseas.com, Atlantis has a 98% rating and countless life-changing stories. Students walk away from their program with a clearer vision for their future as a healthcare professional, and a wide range of invaluable clinical shadowing experience to help them get there.

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