• $6,499
  • Full

Hospital Info

  • Public Hospital
  • 700 - 3800 beds total

What's Included

  • Shadow 60+ Hours
  • Small groups of 10 - 15 students
  • Local Housing
  • 24/7 Atlantis staff in your city

Destination Overview

Maybe Rome speaks for itself, but we’ll give you an overview anyway. Rome is the capital and the largest city of Italy. It’s OLD; in fact, it is one of the most ancient cities in the world. Beautiful, full of history, and bubbling over with culture, the Eternal City is one of the birthplaces of western civilization. Since being founded in 753 BC, it has accrued 2500 impressive years of history, and is recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Prepare for several whirlwind weeks of Roman immersion, and take advantage of being in a major transportation hub to travel to other European destinations during your weekend travels!

Program Dates

Summer Sessions (to be confirmed)

  • May. 8, 2021 – May. 28, 2021
    3 Weeks
  • May. 29, 2021 – Jun. 18, 2021
    3 Weeks
  • Jun. 19, 2021 – Jul. 9, 2021
    3 Weeks
  • Jul. 10, 2021 – Jul. 30, 2021
    3 Weeks

2021-22: Apply today! Tentative program dates will be announced in late summer. All fees include an initial $900 deposit, which is non-refundable.

The City

While doing as the Romans do, make sure to see Vatican City, an independent country, and the only country to be geographically situated within another city. On the culinary front, Rome holds its own as a major gastronomic destination. Its cuisine is as legendary as its monuments, and sampling the city's classic dishes is just as quintessential of a Roman experience as visiting the Colosseum. A few weeks in Rome promise an exciting cultural and historical experience where you can interact with a truly unique cultural and medical climate.

JFK: 8hrs
LAX: 12hrs
ATL: 10hrs

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Hospital Experience

Rome is a large city, important on a global scale for a lot of reasons--healthcare included. We are lucky to partner with two major Roman hospitals: AO San Camillo-Forlanini and Ospedale Pediatrico Bambino Gesú.

The San Camillo-Forlanini hospital is a public hospital, part of the regional health system and offering 9 different departments, including Emergency, Pediatrics, Cardiology, Oncology, and more. The Forlanini hospital is the regional transplant center for kidney, liver, marrow, heart, pancreas, and pancreatic cells, and it is also the regional blood center. The hospital hosts a variety of volunteer abroad associations, which make up the "Network of Solidarity." This network's intention is to create a mode of collaboration between health professionals and pre-med volunteers. The hospital's structure and departments are organized within 14 pavilions, with a total area of 238,000 square meters.

Situated just outside of the Vatican City in the heart of Rome, Bambino Gesú Hospital sits right next to the River Tiber that flows through the city. Bambino Gesú is a children’s hospital in Rome and is one of three children's research hospitals in Italy. This hospital was founded in 1869 and is the largest pediatric and research hospital in Europe. As such, it has been a significant point of reference for the whole of Italy when it comes to pediatrics. It is a leading Italian institute for medical research and clinical assistance in developmental ages. The hospital is accessible by metro, bus, or taxi.

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Rome is full of some of the most frequently visited tourist attractions in the entire world. You'll realize pretty quickly, though, that Rome has some hidden secrets that don't always make their way to the tourist guides. If you're looking for small winding streets, flowered terraces, and laundry lines overlooking the cobblestones below, the Trastevere neighborhood delivers. Keep your eye out for some unique restaurants, art shops, and vintage stores, and experience the more 'underground' side of Rome.

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