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Keep In Mind

  • Language skills are not required
  • Alumni went on to 40 of the top 50 medical schools, and also to DO/PA & more
  • Atlantis alumni become some of the few Med/PA applicants to have seen universal healthcare systems, and they often bring this up as a conversation in interviews
  • Atlantis runs primarily Shadowing, but also Service-Research Projects, or a multi-country combination of Shadowing and/or Projects. Some programs also include a Harvard Medical School HMX course
  • Atlantis programs include housing, some meals, excursions, health insurance, and more
  • In a PhD-authored study, 93% of a large sample of alumni progressed on the competencies that medical schools use to assess applicants


Students tubing in the ocean in Greece.
Atlantis students tubing in the ocean on a program excursion (Athens, Greece).

Consider Programs That Combine Multiple Countries In One Trip

Multi-country programs compound both the short and long-term value of your experience.

Students experiencing culture abroad while shadowing.
Atlantis students experiencing culture abroad while shadowing (Athens, Greece).

Europe vs. the US

Compare healthcare costs and life expectancies between countries in Europe and the United States to see how the European system has some advantages over the American one —and disadvantages too—which is part of the reason why the Atlantis pre-health experience in Europe is unique and can be valuable later in med/PA applications and interviews.

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