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Students by the oceanfront on a program excursion.
Atlantis students enjoying a program excursion (Genoa, Italy, 2019).

Take Quiz: Is It for You?

Calculate your Shadowing & Extracurricular Readiness Score (SERS) to find out where you stand on your pre-health path relative to the advice of authoritative sources.

About the Shadowing & Extracurricular Readiness Score (SERS)

The SERS is an effort to score a pre-health student’s experience, as far as shadowing and extracurriculars go, relative to the advice of authoritative sources. You should take the quiz if you are a pre-med considering applying to med school in the future. However, much of this applies to students pursuing other healthcare paths as well.

In the following quiz, you’ll read 20 statements from reputable experts about what matters for medical school admissions (healthcare exposure, grades, and competencies). You’ll then be asked “How confident are you on where you stand?” (1 = not confident at all, 5 = very confident). Your overall score will be calculated at the end.

Note that the SERS is an attempt to turn something subjective into something more objective, and should be taken as general guidance rather than a scientifically precise measurement. That said, this is the most precise measurement that we have seen to date, since nothing else out there exists that is more data-driven. Note also that the quiz borrows statements from highly reputable sources; however, it was not built in partnership with any of the entities cited. The statements quoted are opinions that are widely shared, and we could easily quote many other similarly authoritative sources in place of each of the statements.

Note: we are temporarily unable to run the quiz, please check back in a few days, when it will be live!

Understanding Your Score

  • 100–81: You’re well-positioned to apply to med/PA school, and any marginal improvement would help you stand out even more
  • 80–51: You’d benefit from investing more time in shadowing and other unique opportunities before applying
  • 50 or below: You may want to reconsider your approach to shadowing and ensure you have a clear understanding of what med/PA schools want