Funding Your Shadowing Program

Atlantis is an investment in your career, and maybe more importantly, it’s an investment in yourself as a well-rounded and culturally competent professional.

To help make participation possible, we offer limited, need-based financial aid and competitive merit scholarships to accepted students. We review applications and process decisions during the month of March. A financial aid package can cover up to 50% of the program fee, and eligibility is determined through a separate application available to accepted students only.

Our team works with you to find a program that fits your budget and fundraising solutions that fit your schedule. With multiple payment plans to choose from, we are committed to working with you to determine the financial plan that makes the most sense for your future Atlantis program.

Starting at


1 week

Program fees vary based on length of program and location. Programs start at $2,999 for 1 week programs.




All programs have a $900 deposit.

Advised Budget


Per Week

Students can expect to budget for the cost of flights to and from their host city as well as all non-group meals. We advise students to budget approximately $150/week as a guideline.

Flexible Payment Plan Options

1. Pay in Full

Students choosing to utilize this payment option receive a $150 discount off their program fee. To receive the $150 discount, we require that the program fee be paid within one week of enrolling in a program.

2. Monthly Payments

Monthly payments allow students to make smaller payments from the time of enrollment through the spring semester. The monthly plan evenly divides the outstanding balance by the number of monthly installments, and needs to be completed 30 days before your program starts. You can see the projected number of monthly installments and the amount in your student portal when selecting the plan.

3. Two Installments

With the two installment plan, 50% of your program fee is due halfway between enrolling and your program start date. We require 50% of the program fee (plus the $900 deposit) to be paid no later than 60 days before your start date. The remaining 50% of your program fee is due 30 days before your program starts. 100% of fees must be paid 30 days before your program.


Raising the cost of a program can be daunting. We're here to help. From the fundraising guide to our own team's experience raising money for various endeavors, we can help guide you towards making a program a viable option for you.

A number of students have raised the full cost of their program between writing letters and using platforms such as GoFundMe to raise support from family and friends.

Check out GoFundMe

Atlantis Merit Scholars

Meet our past Merit Scholars.

The Atlantis Merit Scholarship is extremely competitive. Less than 5% of our students receive a merit scholarship. Our scholarships are reserved for our highest achieving students and require a separate application and interview after acceptance and enrollment. Please note that enrollment consists of choosing a program and confirming your placement with a signed contract and non-refundable $900 deposit. To learn more about our merit scholarships, reach out to our Admissions Team today!

Our merit scholars are incredibly accomplished students, typically juniors or seniors, with at least a 3.5 GPA and a strong, compelling story. Contact Our Admissions Team for More Information.

For previously enrolled students now transferring to 2021 programs, please reference the Post Enrollment emails and "Q&A: Coronavirus and Program Alternatives."

Refunds & Program Credit

For students enrolling after September 21st, 2020, we have expanded our refunds policy. (In the past, Atlantis has guaranteed program credit, but not refunds.)

Our updated refund and credit policy is reason neutral, meaning that the same policies apply whether withdrawals or cancellations are related to COVID-19 or any other factor.

The $900 deposit is considered a separate, non-refundable payment, but it will also carry over as program credit.

See how we’re preparing for 2021: COVID-19 and Upcoming Programs.

Extended Deadline to Use Credit

Credit may be put toward an alternative program in the same season or in the future. If credit is not used in full, the remainder may be used on another program. Credit expires one full program cycle after the original start date. (Atlantis’ program cycle runs from September to August.) Two example scenarios to illustrate:



A student is enrolled for March 2021 and chooses to withdraw less than 30 days before the start date. She may count her fees toward a program later that cycle (through Aug 2021) or toward any program in the next program cycle (Sep 2021–Aug 2022).



A student is enrolled for August 2021, and his program is unexpectedly canceled less than 30 days before the start date. He may use his program credit for a program in August 2021 (if available) or in the next program cycle (Sep 2021–Aug 2022).

We're Here For You

On every program, Atlantis provides:

  • Clean, safe housing with Wi-Fi
  • Health insurance while abroad
  • Site Managers available 24/7
  • Transport in and around host city
  • Breakfast every day
  • 3 group meals per week
  • Cultural excursion every Friday
    Our team is here as a resource for you before, during, and after your program. Let us know how we can help!

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