Payment Details

When do I make my first payment and what are my options?

After you pay your deposit, you will need to make your first Program Fee payment within 7 days of your Enrollment date. All deadlines will be listed in your Student Portal.

You can choose to pay by eCheck or Credit Card. In limited cases, we can also accept Wire Transfers. We are unable to accept paper checks.

There are two payment plans. Both plans require you to be fully paid no less than 37 days before your Program starts.

  • Pay In Full:
    The Pay In Full plan allows you to pay your full balance in one lump sum. If you chose this plan and pay by the deadline, you will receive a $150 discount on your total Program Fees.


  • Monthly Installments:
    The Monthly Installment plan allows you to pay your balance over the months leading up to your Program.
    You only need to set up your 1st monthly payment – the rest are automatic. You’ll receive a courtesy notification 2 days before any scheduled payment in case you need to update any billing information.
    By default, each month’s payment will occur on the same day of each month. Ex. If you make your 1st payment on the 12th of January, your 2nd payment will automatically be on the 12th of February. If you need to update the dates, you can submit your request to

As part of the Enrollment process, you will be asked which plan you want to choose. If you want to switch at a later time, just send us an email and we will discuss your options. Once you select a plan, you will have to actually submit the appropriate payment by the deadline.

I want to Pay In Full. How do I actually pay?

The payment links will be listed on the bottom of the To Do list in your student portal.

You can also just pay through Paysimple: Pay balance through eCheck (recommended) or pay balance through credit card (2.2% service charge).

I have decided to pay by Monthly Installments. How do I actually pay?

The monthly payment links will be listed on the bottom of your To Do list in your student portal.

You must initiate your first payment within 7 days of enrollment and pay the subsequent payments each month until your balance is zero. The balance must be zero 37 days before your program begins or you risk withdrawal without refund. To allow for the minimum number of installments, the Monthly Installment Plan is not always an option.

Payments may be monitored on the student portal or PaySimple but please allow 5-7 business days for the payment to settle.

I have decided to make a Wire Transfer. How do I pay?

Students who wish to pay via wire transfer may follow the instructions here. A $15 convenience fee will be added to any wire transfer. We also suggest you confirm with your bank if they will charge any fees. Please ensure that the sum total we receive is the correct amount (and not simply the amount you submit).

What is the difference between an eCheck and ACH?

ACH (Automated Clearing House) is the process used to move money electronically from one bank account to another. An eCheck is an electronic check and is used to replace traditional paper checks. The terms are sometimes used interchangeably. Atlantis is unable to accept physical checks.

Can someone pay for my program on my behalf?

We permit others to pay on your behalf. They can set up their own PaySimple account or can simply add their payment methods to your account. Whatever the case, they need to make sure their payment includes your full name in the “Student Name” field of the payment form.

Can I get a receipt from my payment?

By default receipts are sent to the email address of the individual who made the payment. Special requests can be honored.

How do I pay if my bank is outside of the United States?

Students whose bank is outside the United States may pay via international credit card or wire transfer. We charge a $15 convenience fee for wire transfers and your bank may have a wire transfer convenience fee as well. Follow the instructions here.

What do I do if I’m contacted about a payment and the balance reported is incorrect?

If your balance appears to be incorrect you may contact On average it takes 3 days for your payment to be added to your account. If you are confident that your payment was processed by your bank/PaySimple correctly, just reply to us to let us know!

Can I get a refund at any point?

Deposits are always non-refundable. Monthly installments are non-refundable if requested after the monthly deadline. The Pay In Full amount is non-refundable after the date stated in your contract.

All refunds are bound by the details listed in the student contract.

What is a Program Fee Credit?

A Program Fee Credit is for students who are unable to attend their initial Program for extenuating circumstances.

The credit is valid for one year from the date of the original Program and can be applied to the Program Fee cost of a new program. Excess Program Fee Credit is non-refundable and non-transferable. The Program Fee Credit amount is determined by the extenuating circumstances and is bound by the details in the Student Contract.

Can I make bi-monthly payments?

Generally no. If you have extenuating circumstances that prevent you from paying monthly, please reach out to us.

Why does my payment say it is going to St. Mary’s Institute for Educational Excellence, LLC (SMIEE)?

St. Mary’s Institute for Educational Excellence, LLC (sometimes abbreviated as “SMIEE”) is the name of the legal entity that does business as Atlantis.

I got charged an overdraft fee.

Please email and explain your situation.

The payment details I was emailed aren’t the same as what is in my portal.

Sorry for the confusion! Sometimes there is a bit of lag between when emails are sent and your portal updates. However, sometimes, if you missed key deadlines, the email contains the new details. Don’t worry – we should be able to clarify this simply. Just reply to the email and we will get everything squared away.

How do I know I have fully paid?

Check your balance on your student portal.

How do I update my credit card information?

Sign into your PaySimple account and add the card information to your account.

Late Payments

Will I be notified before a payment is drafted from my account?

Two days before you are billed you will receive an email notification of the upcoming payment. If a payment was made in error and you cannot get ahold of us then please call your bank or credit card. Atlantis is not reliable for any overdraft fees that may be added to your account. If you anticipate not being able to make an upcoming payment please reach out to us as soon as possible.

When can the Post Enrollment Team be contacted about payments?

The team business hours are M-F 9-5 excluding holidays. In the event of a mistaken payment we are generally able to edit payment information if contacted within 12 hours of payment. If a payment was made in error and you can’t get ahold of us then please call your bank or credit card. Atlantis is not reliable for any overdraft fees that may be added to your account. If you anticipate not being able to make an upcoming payment please reach out to us as soon as possible.

Can I get a late fee for not submitting my payment on time?

If you miss a payment deadline you are liable to receive a late fee. We generally contact you before issuing any fees. If you think you will be late on a payment, please be sure to respond to the latest reminder or reach out in advance to minimize the chance that you get a late fee. If you miss a deadline and are non-responsive, you will be subject to a $150 late fee and will eventually be withdrawn from your program.

Is it possible to be withdrawn from the program if I do not pay?

Yes, students who do not remain in contact with us about payments could eventually be withdrawn from the program.

How do I know if I’m eligible for an extension?

Extensions are rare but if you believe you have a compelling reason, please explain your situation to us at

An extension is more likely to be granted if you clearly explain the situation, give an expected date for when you will be able to pay, and are otherwise very responsive to our team.

What do I do if I can’t make my payment deadline?

If you cannot make your payment on time please explain your situation to us at

What do I do if I’m waiting on scholarship money to become available?

We suggest that you pay as much as you can before your deadline. If you will be receiving a full scholarship, we can issue you a refund once those funds have been applied to your account.

If you cannot make your payment on time please explain your situation to us at


How do I suspend an automatic payment?

If you want to suspend your account email us at Please reach out as soon as you know you might need to suspend your payment so you don’t get charged by mistake.

How do I add a new credit card to my account?

You can add a new payment method to your account by signing onto PaySimple  and adding the information under the payment method section.

What do I do if my payment failed?

Log into PaySimple and confirm that you entered your credit card info or account number correctly then initiate the payment again. If you are unable to make the payment, you might need to call your bank and let them know you are trying to make a large payment – sometimes they have safety measures in place that prevent large payments. If that does not work please explain your situation to us at

When is my payment due?

Generally, you are required to pay your first Program Fee Payment within 7 days of Enrolling.

Your exact payment due date is on your student portal.

I forgot about my deadlines and now I am late on payments and forms. What should I do?

Start by paying your program fees ASAP then begin on forms. Reach out to us and let us know you are working on so you don’t get a late fee or withdrawn.

What do I do if my parents want to talk to a representative?
Where do my payments go?

Your deposit and program fee go toward two costs: on-site program costs and off-site, long-term program development costs. We distribute all fees intentionally to achieve sustainable, growing, and quality programming to the best of our ability. Your fees contribute directly to your program experience, including housing costs, full time staff support, meals, excursions, on-site transport, health insurance, and more. Your payment is also devoted to long-term costs, which are geared towards maintenance and further development of​ ​our​ ​Fellowships.

You can request our “Explanation of Fees Guide” for more detailed  information. Need some figures for a scholarship or credit? Just reach out to with what you are being asked and we will do our best to help!

My question isn’t listed here!

Thanks for letting us know. Please shoot us an email at (and we will consider adding the question to help future students)

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