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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a typical day like in an Atlantis Program?

Though the daily schedule varies by program, most Atlantis students shadow for 5 hours per day, Monday through Thursday, beginning at 8 or 9 am. After shadowing, there is plenty of free time to enjoy, whether at the housing, in the city, or at a group dinner. Fridays are excursion days, and weekends are free to rest, explore the city, or travel!

What areas of healthcare will I be able to observe in the hospital?

Department options vary according to availability and program location. Our team always tries their best to assign you according to your department preferences, but we are not able to guarantee that you’ll be able to shadow in your requested specialties. Regardless of department preferences, we encourage you to talk to your Admissions Coordinator about what you hope to get our of your shadowing experience!

What are students permitted to do while shadowing in the hospital?

We are committed to following the AAMC guidelines for pre-health students in a clinical experience abroad. Because of this, shadowing is observation only, and students are not allowed to have any direct or indirect contact with patients, regardless of a student’s past experiences or certifications.

What happens if I get sick while abroad?

As an Atlantis student, you will be covered by Atlantis-provided health insurance while abroad. If you get sick, you should immediately inform your Site Manager and seek medical attention from the hospital if necessary. Please know that you will be expected to pay for all treatments and costs out of pocket, but you can submit a claim afterwards to be reimbursed.

Can I receive course credit for participating in an Atlantis program?

Though Atlantis does not provide direct credit, students who wish to obtain course credit can reach out to their academic advisor or internship coordinator to see if an Atlantis program would fulfill any of their coursework requirements. All students receive a Certificate of Completion following the submission of their Post-Program Feedback form, which serves as evidence of the program’s completion. We are also happy to provide any additional documentation required for having your Atlantis program count as a credit-bearing course at your home university.

What will I be able to do during free time?

Your free time can be used in many ways, including sightseeing, relaxing on a beach or local natural area, exploring your city, resting up after a busy week, traveling, and more. We recommend researching your host country before your program begins to find sites and attractions you might want to visit. Your Site Manager will be a great resource for you while abroad, and they can tell you about the customs and schedules in your host city. During the weekends, you are also free to travel to other cities, or even other countries, if you’ve ensured that you have the correct visa requirements to do so.

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