Many future Physician Assistants, along with pre-medical and pre-nursing students, attend our clinical shadowing programs every year. Shadowing doctors with Atlantis is an unparalleled opportunity to experience multiple specialties in an international healthcare system with different practices and policies alongside a new culture. Immerse yourself in your passion for medicine with real, valuable, AAMC-compliant shadowing.

What if I'm a future nurse?

Atlantis and your future

  • Shadow multiple specialties in preparation for the broad expertise required of PAs
  • Hone your cultural competence and understanding of international healthcare practices
  • Set yourself apart with unforgettable experiences that you can incorporate into your PA school applications

Cultural competence, clinical exposure

PAs are incredibly patient-oriented, so the more diverse cultural experience you have, the more effective you will be at caring for a wider diversity of your future patient population. To this end, cultural competence gained through Atlantis will positively impact both the quality of care you will provide someday and your holistic understanding of patient-physician relationships. Atlantis clinical shadowing hours are not direct patient care hours, but are extremely valuable for seeing multiple specialties and the breadth of interactions among teams of healthcare professionals.

A new appreciation for Physican Assistants

Most European countries do not have a PA career path. Shadowing in those countries is an opportunity to reflect on why the position is valuable, what healthcare looks like without that role, and how you will impact patients as a PA someday. Since a PA’s scope of practice is very similar to that of an MD, shadowing physicians in multiple specialties will still provide you with incredibly valuable clinical experience.

An unforgettable experience abroad

Familiarize yourself with a new culture and learn nonverbal communication skills from the dynamic between doctors, nurses, and patients during the hectic day-to-day hospital routine. Atlantis is a chance to spend your time furthering your medical career with AAMC-compliant physician shadowing hours, with ample opportunities for sightseeing during afternoons and weekends.

Embrace your passion for healthcare in one of these cities...

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