Atlantis is for you, too.

We welcome future and current nursing students along with pre-meds on our clinical shadowing programs every year. Shadowing doctors with Atlantis is an unparalleled opportunity to experience an international healthcare system with different practices and policies alongside a new culture. Immerse yourself in your passion for medicine with real, valuable, AAMC-compliant shadowing.

Atlantis and your future

  • Applying to Nursing School? Stand out on your application to competitive programs with your Atlantis experience
  • Already in a Nursing program? This is your chance to see the world while honing your cultural competence
  • Not sure about your place in the healthcare profession? Learn about the inner workings of every aspect of hospital life

Speak with our pre-nursing Alumni Ambassador!

Sophie Genolio, a student at Drew University, went to Belgrade, Serbia with Atlantis in Summer 2019. No matter where you are in your journey to be a nurse, she would love to talk to you about why Atlantis is a great choice for a student interested in or currently studying nursing!

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Cultural competence, clinical exposure

Cultural competence and an empathetic bedside manner are all incredibly important to succeeding as a nurse. Shadowing abroad affords you the opportunity to hone all these skills and more through witnessing complex medical decisions and interactions firsthand, and informing your own holistic view of the medical profession through conversations with doctors and staff in your hospital.

Professional and personal development for all healthcare roles

Whether you’re a pre-nursing undergraduate, already in a nursing program, or thinking of becoming a PA or NP someday, Atlantis will introduce you to a wide range of specialties, allow you to experience different fast-paced atmospheres in different departments, and give you a window into the global medical world.

An unforgettable experience abroad

Spend your time furthering your medical career, while having ample opportunities for sight-seeing and weekend travel. Prepare for the hectic day-to-day of hospital life as you learn nonverbal communication skills from the dynamic between doctors, nurses, and patients.

During my fellowship, I witnessed the inter-professional relationships within the hospital. For students to fully understand the role of a certain profession, viewing the relationships that the professional has with others is paramount. I would highly recommend this program to those considering a career in the healthcare field.
Danielle Hurtado, Nursing major, Atlantis Alum Winter '20, University at Buffalo '22

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