• $3,499
  • Available

Hospital Info

  • Public Hospital
  • 600 beds total

What's Included

  • Shadow 60+ Hours
  • Small groups of 10 - 15 students
  • Local Housing
  • 24/7 Atlantis staff in your city
Check Eligibility~2mins

Destination Overview

Pontevedra is located in northwest Spain in the region of Galicia. It has been described as a "definitive old Galician town." Sights include the pilgrim chapel in the Praza da Peregrina, the historic Zona Monumental, and the Alameda, a promenade along the estuary, or ‘ría’. The Galician people, or Gallegos, are notoriously humble people, and their Spanish accent is as sing-song-y and pleasant as their outlook on life in the beautiful north. After spending a few weeks in Galicia, you might never want to leave...but before you do, make sure you visit an ancient house in Pontevedra's center that supposedly housed the treasure of a bloodthirsty pirate!

Program Dates

Summer Sessions (to be confirmed)

  • Jun. 12, 2021 – Jun. 25, 2021
    2 Weeks

Apply today to reserve your spot in a program! Please note: exact dates and prices will be confirmed in Fall 2020. If sessions are modified or canceled, students may transfer to new programs or receive a refund up until March 1st. Listed dates and price are based on Summer 2020. All fees include an initial $900 non-refundable deposit to secure your spot.

The City

While your mental image of Spain might look more like the sandy-colored region of Castilla-La Mancha or the bustling urban centers of Barcelona or Madrid, Galicia will surprise you in the best way. Traveling from Madrid by train up to Pontevedra will reveal a deep green, mountainous side of Spain you didn’t know existed. One of the staple cities of Galicia, Pontevedra sits on an inlet that leads out to the Atlantic Ocean, so you can expect the best fresh seafood you’ve ever had, cooler weather during the summer months than in the rest of Spain, and easy access to amazing destinations like Las Islas Cies, an island chain off the coast of Pontevedra. The majority of people will speak Spanish, especially during the summer months when Madrileños might come for vacation, but keep your ears out for new words in Gallego, the local dialect of Galicia.

JFK: 9.5hrs
LAX: 14hrs
ATL: 12.5hrs

Local Time:

Official Language:
Spanish, Galician (Gallego)

Hospital Experience

The Complejo Hospitalario Universitario de Pontevedra (Pontevedra University Hospital Complex) is accredited for teaching, which means that Atlantis students will have the opportunity to meet not only physicians and nurses, but also residents and Spanish medical school students. It has over 600 beds and very publicly considers the patient to be the most important focus, creating an enlightening atmosphere to learn about patient interaction.

Alumni Favorite

Las Islas Cies

This small island chain off the cost of Pontevedra is the perfect day trip or camping excursion. The island is completely devoid of hotels, but instead offers a large camping ground to accommodate visitors coming to enjoy the many pristine beaches, hiking trails, and lighthouse lookout spots. We like to think Las Islas Cies is one of Spain's best kept secrets.

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