Students putting on masks in the hospital.
Atlantis students putting on masks in the hospital (Athens, Greece, 2019).


Please refer to this page for information on how Atlantis is navigating the rest of the pandemic.

All students participating in an Atlantis shadowing program must be able to show proof of full COVID-19 vaccination, including a booster shot. If the student is not already vaccinated and will be getting vaccinated in order to attend a program, the last shot must be given no later than 14 days prior to the program start date. The only exception made is for students who are able to submit a proof of recovery document (signed by their doctor) where the recovery date is within 6 months from the program’s end date. No other exceptions will be made (i.e. religious, allergies, personal beliefs).

Note: If you are attending one of our Service Research Project programs, proof of vaccination is not a requirement. Our Service Research Projects include: Geneva UNICEF Project, Barcelona Roche Project and Washington DC Children’s National Hospital Project.

Health and Safety Measures

  • We provide travel health insurance plans for all students during their time abroad, which cover medical expenses due to accidents, sickness, and specifically COVID-19. Benefits include emergency medical evacuation.
  • We provide elementary training for all Site Managers on the basics of how to isolate students who may have been exposed to COVID-19, and how to respond quickly (as circumstances allow) to issues that may arise. Site Managers are available 24/7 and will assist with health-related needs.
  • We carefully select housing that is clean and safe. Disinfection protocols are overseen by the Site Manager throughout the program.
  • Shortly before departure, students must declare in writing that they have not had any recent symptoms of COVID-19 and that they will follow all instructions of Atlantis and hospital staff regarding social distancing, hygiene, wearing masks, and other safety measures. Detailed protocols will be communicated pre-departure and during onsite orientation.
  • Responsibility lies with students to abide by all rules and regulations, and students should recognize that there can be a loss of shadowing hours if students develop symptoms or have been exposed to COVID-19 such that they are not able to enter the hospital.
A student scrubbed into a procedure.
An Atlantis student scrubbed into a procedure (Klaipeda, Lithuania, 2018).
Students wearing masks in the hospital.
Atlantis students wearing masks in the hospital while shadowing (Rome, Italy, 2019).

Process In The Unlikely Event Of Cancellations

With the development of COVID-19 and through ongoing conversations with our hospital partners, we are cautiously optimistic that students will not have disruption to their future shadowing and travel experiences. If it is determined that a program must be canceled, our goal is to have a final decision communicated to students at least 60 days before the program start date, and ideally several months in advance. That said, if last-minute decisions do need to be made, we appreciate your flexibility and openness to alternative programs. Rest assured that throughout the process, we will communicate what to expect and how to plan so that your preparations go as smoothly as possible.

Alternative Programs

  • Atlantis partners with many hospitals, and we are happy to be able to offer a wide variety of shadowing settings for students.
  • Should your first-choice program be canceled, alternative programs will be offered that are as similar as possible to your original program.
  • Our team is happy to help you find a program that best fits your interests based on hospital size, specialties offered, cultural experiences, and other factors.

Refund & Program Credit Policy

Our refund and credit policy can be found here.

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